Expedition Team

Jan Bryde

Expedition Leader

Jan has worked as an Expedition Leader or cruise director since 1994 on cruise vessel all over the world, traveling to more than 115 countries. He’s made more than 60 voyages to Antarctica and 30 into the Arctic region, including a Northwest Passage and more than a dozen trips to the geographic North Pole.

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Anja Erdmann

Expedition Leader

Anja visited Greenland the first time in 2000 as part of her tourism management curriculum at university. Staying in a small village where dogs outnumbered people by five to one, she was quickly won over to the polar environmental and lifestyle and feels that the Arctic and Antarctic are her true homes and professional arenas. Anja has been working since then mainly as Expedition Leader in the Arctic and the Antarctic regions, but also feels at home in «normal waters.»

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Saskia Travert

Assistant Expedition Leader

A world traveler and tourism professional from Reunion Island, Saskia has many years of experience on Arctic expedition cruises. She brings her boundless enthusiasm and organizational skills to the important role of AEL.

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Dr. Susan Currie

Geo Scientist, Geologist

As a professional geologist for more than 25 years, Susan now enjoys traveling aboard expedition ships and sharing her enthusiasm for the natural environment. Her career in expedition cruising stretches back to 2002 and has encompassed such diverse areas as the Antarctic, Alaska, Greenland, the North Pole, the South Pacific, and Australasia.

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Dr. Annette Bombosch

Marine Biologist; Master in Marine Conservation

Annette’s first trip to Antarctica – camping at the base of Mt Erebus – infected her with a serious case of “polar virus.” She pursued her PhD studying Antarctic whales and participating in research expeditions to the Southern Ocean. Annette has a great passion for the Polar Regions, especially marine mammals, and she loves to share her knowledge and enthusiasm with others no matter the time of day.

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Dr. Boris Solovev


After growing up in the Urals and Caucasia, Boris focused his academic career on the conservation of marine mammals across the Russian Arctic, including polar bear surveys, a Ph.D. thesis on beluga whales, and working for WWF Russia.

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Felicity Aston

Polar Explorer

Felicity has spent more than 15 years traveling in the Polar Regions. In 2012 she became the first woman to ski across the Antarctic continent alone. Most recently she drove over 35,000 km to the southern «Pole of Cold», the coldest inhabited place on the planet. Felicity has written several books about her expeditions. She is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and of The Explorers Club.

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Dr. Huw Lewis-Jones


Huw is a historian with a PhD from the University of Cambridge. His award-winning books have been published in 14 languages. Huw was the Curator at the Scott Polar Research Institute and the National Maritime Museum in London.

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Lauren Farmer


Born in Australia and raised in America, Lauren is a professional photographer specializing in portraits and travel landscapes. She has worked for many years as expedition photographer on cruises to the Polar Regions.

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Ida Olsson

Kayak Master

Ida has been working as a wilderness and adventure guide in the most north part of Sweden. She has been driving snowmobile in all different environments and talked about northern lights. During summer time she has also been out with guests driving off-road in the Swedish forest on an endure bike. Now she lives in Longyearbyen on Svalbard and guide people on kayak, snowmobile, hiking and boat trips.

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Marta Duch

Assistant Expedition Leader

Marta, from Barcelona, has been going to sea since the age of eight. She was training in the Spanish Pre-Olympic sailing team for Athens 2004. She has spent three seasons in Greenland as a powerboat driver and tour coordinator.

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John Suta

Zodiac Master

John comes from Ontario, Canada, where he is a self-employed landscaper, mechanic, and bicycle shop owner. On his numerous voyages to the North Pole, he puts his Zodiac driving skills and his mechanical talents to excellent use.

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Ryan Hope-Inglis

Zodiac Master & Logistics

Ryan gained a background in engineering and developed his passion for the outdoors in his native England and in the Arctic. His diverse skillset includes Zodiac driving and maintenance, kayaking, and mountain climbing.

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Rainer Ullrich

Artist in Residence

Rainer developed his passion for painting in remote polar environments in 2002 during his legendary crossing of the Northeast Passage and his expedition to Greenland in 2006 together with a German explorer Arved Fuchs. His wonderful books are insider bestsellers in the expedition industry. Read more

Lupe Aguirre

Poseidon Representative in Ushuaia, Argentina

Lupe is from Mendoza, Argentina. She has a great passion for travel, the outdoors, and all the wild, remote regions of the world, especially the Arctic. She is looking forward to sharing her contagious spirit of adventure with you.

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