Our Expedition Parka

Куртка Poseidon Expeditions
  1. Breathable inner layer
  2. Belgian NorthSea outliner is water-resistant, windproof and breathable
  3. Cuff are fleece and designed specifically to use without gloves (applied for North Pole Parka)
  4. Inner label
  5. Sleeve patches
  6. Thermometer (applied for North Pole Parka)
  7. Chest patches
  8. Chest patches

There’s no need to worry about choosing between being warm and comfortable on one hand and great looking on the other. You’ll get it all with your Poseidon Expeditions’ quality-manufactured Polar parka, included with every polar voyage you take with us. These insulated, water-resistant and windproof parkas are designed by Poseidon’s knowledgeable team based on many years of experience in harsh environments.

Created specifically for our travelers, they’re handsome garments you’ll find uses for at home and on other far-flung travels. And it’s not just the parka’s outstanding qualities that will keep you warm — sometimes memories of your past polar experience work even better than the warmth-retaining layers of specialized fabric. We have one in your size, so join us.

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