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Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctic Islands
Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctic Islands Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctic Islands map route

US$ 11 696


Sea Kayak Club Photography

Antarctic Circle
Antarctic Circle Antarctic Circle map route

US$ 10 796


Sea Kayak Club Camping Photography

Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica
Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica map route

US$ 18 395


Sea Kayak Club Photography

Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica
Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica map route

US$ 13 316


Sea Kayak Club Photography


Itinerary Dates Days Activities Special offers Rates from
Antarctic Awakening
October 21, Montevideo (Uruguay) - November 11, Ushuaia (Argentina)
20 Oct - 11 Nov 2019 23 Sea Kayak Club Photography Suite Deal 5000 USD Off*
US$ 12 995
per person
Land of Penguins & Icebergs
November 30, Ushuaia (Argentina) - December 9, Ushuaia (Argentina)
29 Nov - 09 Dec 2019 11 Sea Kayak Club Camping Photography
US$ 7 395
per person
Land of Penguins & Icebergs
December 9, Ushuaia (Argentina) - December 19, Ushuaia (Argentina)
08 Dec - 19 Dec 2019 12 Sea Kayak Club Camping Photography
US$ 7 895
per person
Christmas in Antarctica
December 19, Ushuaia (Argentina) - December 29, Ushuaia (Argentina)
18 Dec - 29 Dec 2019 12 Sea Kayak Club Camping Photography Savings of up to 5000 USD*
US$ 9 795
per person
New Year in Antarctica
December 29, Ushuaia (Argentina) - January 8, Ushuaia (Argentina)
28 Dec - 08 Jan 2020 12 Sea Kayak Club Camping Photography
US$ 9 795
per person
Antarctic Wildlife Adventure
January 8, Ushuaia (Argentina) - January 27, Ushuaia (Argentina)
07 Jan - 27 Jan 2020 21 Sea Kayak Club Photography
US$ 16 695
per person
Land of Penguins & Icebergs
January 27, Ushuaia (Argentina) - February 6, Ushuaia (Argentina)
26 Jan - 06 Feb 2020 12 Sea Kayak Club Camping Photography
US$ 9 795
per person




Antarctica is famous for its penguins. In the South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula you can go ashore at sites where gentoo, chinstrap, and adélie penguins come together in boisterous nesting colonies. Meeting with an inquisitive penguin chick is an experience not to be forgotten.

The windswept and treeless Falkland Islands are a birders’ paradise. The islands boast a great abundance and diversity of birdlife including five species of penguin.

In the island of South Georgia, seabirds and marine mammals are counted in the millions. The island’s beaches are packed with fur seals and elephant seals jostling for space alongside innumerable king penguins.

The waters of Antarctica are also home to impressive numbers of weddell, crabeater, and leopard seals. Humpback and killer whales can also be spotted feeding in bountiful seas.


The scenery in Antarctic is like nothing else on Earth. Massive, rugged, gleaming white mountains—covered on all but their sheerest faces by permanent snow and innumerable glaciers—rise from deep blue waters to form protected bays and scenic passages such as the renowned Lemaire Channel.

Floating everywhere in these pristine waterways are fragments of Antarctica’s frozen surface. From gargantuan icebergs that dwarf our ship to billowy blankets of brash ice crackling in the wake of our Zodiacs, ice is the ever-present backdrop of our voyage.

During the authentic once-per-year Crossing the Antarctic Circle cruise we will see rarely visited regions south of the Antarctic Circle, the vast, white landscapes, which are both bleak and beautiful, the weather is especially wild, and the waters are full of constantly shifting sea ice and enormous tabular icebergs.



Antarctica has been the setting of many heroic adventures and journeys of discovery. On this voyage you will be following in the historic footsteps of early whalers, polar explorers, and scientific expeditions.

Visit Point Wild on Elephant Island, where Earnest Shackleton and his men spent part of their historic odyssey. Also in the South Shetland Islands are the historical remains of a whaling station at Deception Island, as well as a multitude of far-flung research bases operated by various countries.

In these areas you also have the opportunity to appreciate modern human ingenuity at scientific research stations of various nationalities. Some of these stations, such as Port Lockroy, even boast a museum, gift shop, and post office.




The world-class wildlife and landscapes found on this voyage offer a dazzling array of subjects for photographers of all backgrounds. Our free photography program gives you the chance to learn and practice your skills alongside an experienced expert.

An albatross, great wings outstretched, glides to the ground beside its downy chick. Two bull elephant seals stage a ferocious battle against a backdrop of glaciers. An iceberg casts its reflection upon water rippling with the motion of penguins.

With a stupendous abundance of animals and scenery beyond comparison, this voyage provides a cornucopia of inspiration for the photographer. Our expert will be available to help you make the most of this bounty in your viewfinder.


Our optional kayaking program gives you the chance to experience these incredible destinations in a unique and interesting way. All three regions on this itinerary offer fantastic paddling opportunities, each one more rewarding than the last.

Sea Kayak Club participants in South Georgia encounter swarms of penguins and seals while paddling in a supremely wild and beautiful environment. The Antarctic Peninsula delights kayakers with spectacular polar scenery and ice features of every description.

This voyage takes you to some of the world’s most gorgeous locations and offers some of the best opportunities to paddle with wildlife. If you enjoy sea kayaking, then do not miss your chance to participate in this exciting adventure activity.



Antarctica Camping is a unique and unforgettable way to expand your experience on the White Continent. This optional activity allows you to meet Antarctica on its own terms by spending a night out on the ice and snow.

Camping is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the Antarctic wilderness. Spend hours watching the drama of ever-changing light upon the landscape, capturing that perfect photo, or simply falling asleep to the mysterious sounds of the ice.

On your camping night you can take the time to fully experience whatever joy Antarctica holds for you. You will also gain undeniable bragging rights, lasting memories, and a newfound appreciation for your warm bed back on the ship.

Why go to Antarctica with Poseidon Expeditions?

There’s no place in the world like Antarctica – a land of icebergs and penguins, overwhelming icescapes and vibrant wildlife. We invite you on an authentic expedition to hidden and rarely visited corners of the White Continent. Why travel with us?

  • Wildlife encounters

    Wildlife encounters

    Our focus is on unique marine wildlife viewing at sites shared with countless penguins, seabirds, seals, sea lions and majestic whales.

  • Twenty years of polar experience

    Twenty years of polar experience

    Supported by a thorough understanding and appreciation of Antarctica, every aspect of your cruise is important to us.

  • Small ship – big advantage

    Small ship – big advantage

    This concept allows our passengers to have the greatest selection of landing sites, following the regulations and guidelines for Antarctic travel.

  • Expert expedition team

    Expert expedition team

    Our polar team will share their enthusiasm for Antarctica, while the expedition leader and captain will create the best routing possible.

  • Active exploration

    Active exploration

    We offer immersive outdoor exploration and feature camping and kayaking to enhance your exploration of Antarctica.

  • Rich polar history

    Rich polar history

    We visit places where polar explorers like Shackleton and others made history with tales of triumph, hardship, and endurance.

  • Smooth sailing

    Smooth sailing

    M/v Sea Spirit is equipped with state-of-the-art stabilizers for comfortable cruising in the Drake Passage and across the Antarctic Convergence.

  • IAATO member

    IAATO member

    We are a member in good standing of IAATO, which works cooperatively to ensure safe and environmentally responsible travel.

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Cruises To Antarctica

There’s no place in the world like Antarctica, and that’s what makes an expedition to the southernmost reaches of the globe such an unforgettable experience. With our rugged yet comfortable ship and experienced expedition team, Poseidon Expeditions is expert at transporting travelers into the heart of the most dramatic natural scenery in the world. Towering glaciers, blue icebergs, penguin colonies and whales are just a few of the marvels to experience on a visit to the White Continent.

Experiencing an Antarctica Cruise

The best way to see Antarctica is by ship, but not all cruises and expeditions are the same. With Poseidon Expeditions, you’ll venture to the last discovered continent aboard our nimble 114-passenger Sea Spirit, the ideal size for exploration. Upon arrival, our fleet of Zodiac landing craft takes you ashore, where an expert team of expedition guides will curate your experience amid awe-inspiring scenery and captivating Antarctic wildlife.

Our once-in-a-lifetime voyages include:

Antarctic Awakening: This early Austral summer adventure will take you to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and South Shetland Islands, where you’ll see epic elephant seal battles, sizable king penguin breeding colonies, and blue-veined icebergs adrift in the Southern Ocean. You won’t want to leave your camera behind.
Land of Penguins and Icebergs: Incredible natural scenery and an abundance of wildlife await when you take this classic voyage from Ushuaia, Argentina across the Drake Passage and into the Antarctic Peninsula region — teeming with icebergs, glaciers and marine mammals.
Crossing 66 Degrees South Latitude: See Antarctica’s wildest side inside the Antarctic Circle — where glaciers, mountains, icebergs, penguins and an abundance of marine mammals await. This adventure across the 66th parallel south will bring you to polar realm infrequently visited by travelers.
Antarctic Wildlife Adventure: This Southern Ocean odyssey will take you to storied South Georgia landing sites, where you’ll admire raucous fur seals, elephant seals and king penguins, as well as Grytviken, once an active whaling station and final resting place of heroic-era explorer Earnest Shackleton. The adventure continues to the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula to see buzzing penguin colonies, whales, glaciers and towering mountain ranges.

What to Expect

Antarctica is an exotic travel destination, so it can be difficult to imagine what a visit there will be like. We recommend that travelers bring polar-quality clothing that can be layered, as well as a pair of waterproof pants (such as ski pants). The weather can change quickly, so preparation is the key. View our complete packing list to ensure you’re ready to have fun and adventure in this polar environment.
What about outerwear? Remember that our distinctive water-resistant, breathable and windproof expedition parka is included for all passengers on every Antarctica cruise.

M/V Sea Spirit

The Sea Spirit will be your home-away-from-home during your Antarctic cruise. This rugged yet imminently comfortable all-suite 114-passenger vessel is equipped with larger-than-usual staterooms, spacious presentation lounge, club lounge and bar, jacuzzi, gym and library — among other premium features. Ample outdoor deck space provides for easy viewing of scenery or wildlife. Aboard the Sea Spirit, you’ll enjoy complete comfort and relaxation on returning to the vessel after your time ashore. Enjoy open access to the bridge, where you can speak directly with the officers and scan the horizon for wildlife and our next landing site.

Reserve a Cabin With Us Today

As an experienced polar expedition company, Poseidon offers some of the best Antarctica cruises in the business. As we travel to the White Continent, our goal is to provide you with the perfect combination of comfort, personable service and engagement with one of the most fragile yet beautiful ecosystems on the planet. Browse our website to discover our low Antarctica cruise cost compared with other deluxe operators, and to find special Antarctica cruise deals that will save you money.

Why wait? Book your Antarctica cruise, and be one of the few to discover one of the world’s most fascinating polar frontiers.

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