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The World of Poseidon Expeditions

Welcome to the amazing polar world of Poseidon Expeditions!

How to dress for the polar regions

Pack and dress for your best voyage! North Pole, Arctic and Antarctic cruises are waiting for you!

M/v Sea Spirit video tour

With Poseidon Expeditions' expedition ship m/v Sea Spirit, the far-away Arctic and Antarctica become accessible for traveling in style and comfort.

British Isles 2019 - slideshow

On this brand-new expedition cruise for the 2019 Arctic season, Poseidon Expeditions takes the m/v Sea Spirit on a voyage around the British Isles.

Kayaking in Antarcica

Antarctica closely guards some of the most unique and rewarding kayaking opportunities on the planet. Poseidon Expeditions offers kayaking as an optional activity on our Antarctic cruises.

Antarctic cruise highlights

Everything you were hoping to see in Antarctica, and more: penguins, whales, the planet's largest icebergs, modern polar research stations and the mysterious seventh continent itself.

North Pole –°ruise - helicopter footage

A helicopter aboard the 50 Years of Victory in our North Pole cruises lets our passengers be more than just spectators in this intrepid mission.

On Top of the World - North Pole cruise

Even now, in 21st century, we bow before the untamed might and absolute beauty of this place - 90 degrees north.

The grandeur of Franz Josef Land

Encounter a stark and enigmatic landscape steeped in the drama and heroism of early polar exploration in Franz Josef Land.

Svalbard polar cruise with Poseidon Expeditions (slideshow)

Watch the slideshow with real photos from the July 2017 Svalbard expedition cruise!

Arctic 2019: a choice that will provide warm memories forever

As soon as we are born, choices are presented to us: shall I hide into my small corner or explore the globe; shall I use my freedom like the great arctic explorers...

Faces of the Polar World - Aaron Strahlke

Aaron Strahlke, our on-board geologist, talkes about his favorite places in Antarctica.

Faces of the Polar World - Don Perovich

Don Perovich, an internationally recognized Arctic sea ice expert, shares his enthusiasm and knowledge about Arctic ice.

Faces of the Polar World - Don Perovich (Part 2)

Don Perovich, an expert on Arctic sea ice, discusses the importance of people coming together to preserve the Arctic.

Faces of the Polar World - Huw Lewis-Jones

A renowned historian and polar author, Huw Lewis-Jones shares that the ever-changing Arctic never ceases to amaze no matter how many times you visit.

Faces of the Polar World - Kari Herbert

Kari Herbert, polar author and travel photojournalist, shares that her father was a polar explorer, and that shaped her life in a unique way.

Faces of the Polar World - James Balog

James Balog, nature photographer and producer, talks about raising awareness among people of all nations to keep the Arctic pristine for future generations.

Faces of the Polar World - James Balog (Part 2)

James Balog, adventurer and filmmaker, talks about how his expectations were exceeded by the design, elegance and power of i/b "50 Years of Victory".

Faces of the Polar World - Ida Olsson

An experienced kayak master and guide for Poseidon Expeditions, Ida Olsson talks about the Sea Kayak Club.

Faces of the Polar World - Filip Kulisev

Filip Kulisev, talented photographer, talks about the colors and shades of Antarctica, and how fascinating they turn up in pictures.

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