Сruises to the arctic


Meet the Arctic "face to face" at the most
fascinating regions: Iceland, Greenland,
Spitsbergen, and Russian Arctic.

West Greenland and Disko Bay
Welcome to Birthplace of Icebergs
Price from Duration from Activities
$ 4.195 8
South & West Greenland and Disko Bay
Home of Vikings and Icebergs
Price from Duration from Activities
$ 5.795 12
Iceland, Jan Mayen & Spitsbergen
Three Pearls of the Arctic
Price from Duration from Activities
$ 6.395 13
West Spitsbergen & Polar Ice Edge
Searching for Polar Bears
Price from Duration from Activities
$ 5.295 9
Franz Josef Land
Arctic for Explorers
Price from Duration from Activities
$ 9.495 14
Spitsbergen, Greenland & Iceland
The Complete Arctic
Price from Duration from Activities
$ 7.995 15
East Greenland
Arctic Sights and Northern Lights
Price from Duration from Activities
$ 5.995 12

The Spirit of Arctic Adventure

Aboard Poseidon’s Arctic expedition cruises, follow centuries-old maritime routes of intrepid explorers and adventurers seeking new lands and new opportunities. From the Neolithic stone villages of Scotland’s Orkney Islands and the stark, icy terrain of Svalbard to the fjords of East Greenland and Iceland’s awesome “land of fire and ice,” you’ll explore regions trekked by fearless Vikings, Irish hermits and Inuit hunters.

These remote “corners of Europe” are best visited on one of our Arctic cruises aboard the expedition vessel Sea Spirit. Charting a course on a variety of sea-borne itineraries that do justice to her name, this hardy yet supremely comfortable ice-class ship is the perfect vessel for our quest. Long summer days provide plenty of opportunity for exploring shore-side in quaint ports, fishing villages and—where no infrastructure exists—via our fleet of nimble Zodiac landing craft.

Firsthand Discovery with Naturalists and Historians

On board, our international English-speaking staff makes you feel at home, and with just 100 or so other travelers, you’ll have more opportunities for interaction and learning than aboard larger Arctic cruise ships. Naturalists, historians and other experts—veterans of many Arctic expeditions—will engage and entertain you by providing informal lectures and inviting your questions.

Our activities are centered on discovery, history and wildlife. Seasoned guides will help you spot puffins, gannets, guillemots and other fowl on several itineraries. While on deck, keep watch for whales—humpback, fin and minke. Look for walruses and seals—harp, bearded and other species—hauled out on ice floes in Franz Josef Land. And, of course, sightings of Ursus maritimus or the polar bear will be a major objective in Svalbard.

A one-in-a-lifetime trip to the high latitudes can change your perception of time and one’s place in nature. In East Greenland, for example, cruise safely past icebergs in a wonderland of glaciers, fjords and waterfalls, all created by the terrific force of the island’s massive ice cap. Learn about the effect of climate and environmental issues affecting the regions and seasonal ice cover. We believe that first-hand travel experiences to destinations such as these makes one an ambassador for conservation, and helps strengthen our resolve to protect these natural environments for future generations.

On these Arctic adventures, our aim is to provide you with an incredible wilderness experience, providing you with memories to be shared with family and friends. Our thoughtfully planned itineraries and well-appointed ship bring you up close to places of natural beauty and cultural interest in ways that large vessels cannot. Join us!
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