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Important Travel Updates

Poseidon Expeditions’ COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols For the 2023 Season aboard the Sea Spirit

Update: March 23, 2023

As of May 1, 2023, Poseidon will no longer require a certificate of COVID vaccination and/or negative results of a PCR test to join a cruise aboard the Sea Spirit. However, given that the COVID-19 virus is still active, we recommend that all travelers have a current COVID vaccination and that they carry a certificate confirming this.

While Poseidon no longer requires a vaccination certificate and/or negative results of a PCR test, this may not be the case with countries you are traveling through or where you are embarking your expedition cruise with us. These countries may have their own rules for entry into their territory – for example, possession of a valid COVID-19 vaccination certificate – so please be sure to familiarize yourself with such possible requirements.

Pre-Boarding Requirements

Before boarding the Sea Spirit, you will need to complete a Poseidon Declaration of Health form and hand it over to the ship`s doctor upon boarding. At this time, we do not anticipate requiring masks to be worn on board. However, please note that by the time of your voyage, the above-mentioned Covid-19 related rules may change, in which case you will be informed by your reservations manager.

Poseidon Expeditions recommends that your compulsory insurance for medical emergency, evacuation and repatriation coverage should include COVID-19 infections, including the necessary isolation, transportation, hospitalization and, if necessary, repatriation. We recommend that this insurance also covers your transportation and Isolation if you are identified as a person in contact with a COVID-19 infected person and you are also ordered to be quarantined.

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