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Arctic / Svalbard

At Poseidon Expeditions, we offer various breathtaking polar cruises for every taste. However, Svalbard, with its gorgeous views and wildlife, is one of the most spectacular locations to visit.

Discover Breathtaking Svalbard Cruises

If you are eager to discover the beauty of polar terrain this year or have a vacation planned for 2023, we offer numerous Svalbard tours to choose from, such as Spitsbergen, Greenland, Polar Ice Edge, and more.

Spitsbergen is the largest and most beautiful island of the Svalbard archipelago, which consists of two smaller islands, Nordaustlandet and Edgeøya. Mostly, the cruises depart from the administrative center of this area named Longyearbyen.

There are many attractions for travelers when choosing a Svalbard cruise. Dive into the world of icy landscapes, arctic climate, and raw nature. Take a chance to see polar ice caps, wild animals, and northern lights in person. All of it is available with any of our Svalbard tours.

As for activities, each voyage becomes truly memorable due to an inspiring photography experience, exciting sea kayaking adventure, and breathtaking views during a challenging hiking trip.

What Can You See in Svalbard?

Svalbard has a lot of sightseeing to offer travelers. As a former no man’s land, it is a gorgeous northern terrain with rich wildlife and breathtaking views. It is easy to meet polar bears and walruses when you go on a Svalbard expedition cruise.

However, Svalbard archipelago islands are not only famous for wild animals. The following locations are well-known landmarks of the islands and, without a doubt, worth attention during a trip.

Why travel with Poseidon Expeditions?

Poseidon Expeditions is one of the leading operators of polar expeditions in the cruise industry. Since 1999, we’ve offered voyages that combine the spirit of adventure with a generous measure of onboard comfort and well-being, along with educational enrichment.

Why travel with us?
M/V Sea Spirit – Tiny but Mighty

M/V Sea Spirit – Tiny but Mighty

With a maximum capacity of just 114 passengers, we usually operate with 100 guests off the ship. It maximizes our travelers' time ashore because there is no need for splitting passengers into groups for landing rotations as required on larger ships.

A real polar expedition

A real polar expedition

Experience active exploration of the polar regions through a variety of activities. Weather permitting, we schedule up to 3 excursions per day and offer optional kayaking and, in Antarctica, camping. Enrich your polar knowledge in an engaging and interactive way through Poseidon’s edutainment program.

24 years of polar cruising

24 years of polar cruising

Polar cruising is our passion and expertise and over the past 24 years, we’ve gained tremendous experience building a strong team of enthusiastic polar professionals who are all experts in their field. Each cruise is a thoughtfully crafted expedition voyage.

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An administrative center located on Spitsbergen island, this northernmost town forms the heart of the Svalbard archipelago. Mostly, expeditions to Svalbard that take travelers to explore the Arctic depart from here.

The place is a lively center offering various entertainment options, such as museums, galleries, pubs, sports-recreation facilities, etc. Take an excursion to the North Pole Museum to learn exciting facts about the Arctic.



The Longyearbyen cruise can take you to Smeerenburg, a former whaling station with a rich history. Get a glimpse of massive blubber remains carefully preserved since the 17th century. Take a boat trip to feel the spirit of the past and enjoy the beautiful views, including fjords, glaciers, and mountains.



The expedition ship will take you to the most remarkable glaciers of Svalbard, Monaco Glacier, and 14th of July Glacier.

Monaco Glacier, located in Liefdefjorden and named after its discoverer, Prince Alber I of Monaco, is famous for the large surface and blue tint. The beauties of this 7km wide glacier also include polar bears and other wildlife.

14th of July Glacier, in the extent of 16 km, is located in Haakon VII Land and delivers gorgeous views and unique wildlife, such as arctic terns, barnacle geese, and others.

Those spots are worth adding to the itinerary to get the best of the cruise.

Svalbard Circumnavigation and Kvitøya
Svalbard Circumnavigation and Kvitøya Svalbard Circumnavigation and Kvitøya map route

US$ 9 091


Sea Kayak Club Photography

Svalbard & NE Greenland National Park
Svalbard & NE Greenland National Park Svalbard & NE Greenland National Park map route

US$ 8 836


Sea Kayak Club Photography

West Svalbard & Polar Ice Edge
West Svalbard & Polar Ice Edge West Svalbard & Polar Ice Edge map route

US$ 6 711


Sea Kayak Club Photography

Svalbard & Polar Ice Edge
Svalbard & Polar Ice Edge Svalbard & Polar Ice Edge map route

US$ 7 816


Sea Kayak Club Photography

Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland
Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland map route

US$ 8 581


Sea Kayak Club Photography

British Isles, Jan Mayen & Svalbard
British Isles, Jan Mayen & Svalbard British Isles, Jan Mayen & Svalbard map route

US$ 5 861



Iceland, Jan Mayen & Svalbard
Iceland, Jan Mayen & Svalbard Iceland, Jan Mayen & Svalbard map route

US$ 5 595



Svalbard Cruises, Expeditions & Tours

About Svalbard

svalbard-seoblock-2.jpgLocated in Norway, the Svalbard archipelago is a unique and distinctive arctic terrain with its history, peculiarities, and culture.

Geographical Facts

Svalbard is a northern archipelago that forms part of Norway. It is situated in the waters of the Arctic Ocean above the Arctic Circle.

There are nine islands in the archipelago; however, Spitsbergen is the largest one and serves as an important location in polar tours. In most cases, all arctic expeditions in the area depart from Longyearbyen, a developed administrative center.

Historical Background

Svalbard means “cold coast” in translation from Old Norse.

It is believed that it was discovered back in 1194. Although it only became widely known after rediscovering in 1596 by Willem Barents and Jacob van Heemskerck.

From 1611 many European whalers arrived in Svalbard and began to argue over whaling rights. All issues were settled by the decline of whaling only in 1800.

That led to a focus shift from whaling to coal, which also caused quarrels over export rights between European, Russian and American companies. Nowadays, only Norway and Russia are authorized to extract coal on the Svalbard territory.

Northern Landscape

svalbard-seoblock-4.jpgIt can be very exciting to go on a Spitsbergen cruise in Norway due to the unique mountainous landscape caused by faulting. The Newton Peak is considered the highest point (1717 meters).

Over half of the territory is covered with snowfields and glaciers that extend as far as the sea. Besides, there are many fjords on the northwestern coast of Spitsbergen.

Also, the packed ice around Spitsbergen accumulates quickly, which complicates access to the territory.

Climate conditions

The climate of Svalbard is truly arctic. The average temperature usually varies from +6°С in the summertime to -15°С in winter.

If you plan a cruise to Spitsbergen, remember it is a traditional yet fascinating, polar adventure.

Abundant wildlife

The raw nature of Svalbard is very rich. Most of the territory is out of reach for people; therefore, the wildlife is flourishing there.

Svalbard expedition enables tourists to exclusively observe different Arctic animals and sea mammals in their natural habitat. Prepare to meet polar bears, blue and white arctic foxes, reindeer, seals, walruses, and whales. Such excursions make dreams come true.

Top Things to See

svalbard-seoblock-3.jpgHere is the list of the most attractive Svalbard locations and activities for visitors in 2021 that is worth your attention.

  • A ghost town named Pyramiden grants the mysterious impression of visiting the Soviet Union.

  • Isfjord is one of the largest and most beautiful fjords in the area, where you can meet polar bears, enjoy glacier views, or join a snowmobile safari.

  • Barentsburg, the second-largest settlement in Svalbard, is an interesting place to visit for beautiful views, historical sightseeing, and wildlife.

  • The uninhabited Edge island is the third-largest in Svalbard, where you can meet polar bears, walruses, and other animals and capture the most stunning views.

  • The Svalbard Museum will help you learn more about the history and culture of the area.

  • The North Pole Expedition Museum tells the amazing story of airships exploring the north.

  • Svalbard snowmobile safari, ice cave visiting, dog-sledding with a husky, and many other activities and places are available.

Plan Your Svalbard Tour

svalbard-seoblock-5.jpgHere is how to get ready for your unforgettable expedition.

How to Get to Svalbard

Poseidon Expeditions offers full-service and will help you get to the location where the Svalbard cruise begins. In 2022, the usual departure point is Longyearbyen. However, we can easily arrange your transfer to any necessary location at the lowest cost possible.

For an unforgettable cruise to Spitsbergen, we will provide you with the relevant information about all the flights, assist you with booking, suggest the best accommodation options according to your preferences.

Each Svalbard expedition is always thoroughly supported by our team. On top of onboard entertainment, we help the travelers to learn about the peculiarities of polar vacation and explain precaution measures.

Visa Control

If you plan to visit Svalbard this year or in 2022, you should remember about the visa control. Sometimes trips to Spitsbergen might require a special visa.

Our company will provide you a piece of expert advice on the necessity of getting a visa in your particular case. We will also assist you in applying to the consulate or embassy and preparing the set of needed documents.

Svalbard Ships

We deliver only a high-class fleet for each Svalbard cruise. We rely on small but advantageous ships:

The largest nuclear-powered icebreaker in the world, named “50 Years of Victory,” holds 124 passengers. It is the best option to cross the Arctic ocean.

The luxury expedition ship Sea Spirit is very maneuverable and contains 114 passengers. Comfortable accommodation on board and an additional fleet of Zodiacs make this vessel very attractive.

The icebreaker Kapitan Dranitsyn accommodated 100 passengers. In addition to regular services, there is a helicopter and a fleet of Zodiacs for the most exciting experience.

On our ships, we offer many different onboard entertaining options: restaurants, bars, game lounge, gym, shops, swimming pool, etc. You will never get bored. Besides, due to low passenger groups going ashore during stops is very pleasant.

Travels to Spitsbergen can never be very cheap, but we offer different options, including low-cost ones.

svalbard-seoblock-1.jpgThe summer season is the most pleasant time to visit Spitsbergen. So, you can plan your tour to Svalbard from May to September to get the best of it.

When to Visit Svalbard

The weather can be different, though, depending on location. The average temperature in Longyearbyen, for example, during the season can vary between -3°С and +6°С. And the average temperature in Barentsburg is usually between -1°С and +9°С.

It is of the utmost importance to bring clothes following the layered clothing scheme because the weather in Svalbard can change quickly and gradually. And “arctic” quality clothes will always make you feel comfortable.

Facts About Svalbard

  • The total area of the land: 61022 km²

  • Svalbard population as of 2020: 2939 people

  • Spitsbergen administrative center: Longyearbyen

  • Currency: Norwegian Krone


Remember that for visiting Svalbard, you will need arctic-quality, multi-layer clothes that can be easily changed in case of weather changes.

Usually, the average temperature is above +6°C in summer and -15°C in winter.

The currency in Svalbard is the Norwegian Krone. But the sum can only be calculated depending on your habits and preferences. Some people do not require much money on top of the tour cost. Others consider the vacation cheap and can afford to spend a lot more.

The tour covers all necessary services: transfer, accommodation, catering, entertainment, and excursions. However, all your extra expenses are to be covered additionally.

Travel insurance is always advised for any trip. So to diminish the risks, we suggest you get it even though it is not obligatory.

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