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Poseidon Expedition’s North Pole Cruise Offers a Singular Experience…

“Unique” and “one-of-a-kind” are words bandied about in the cruise industry, but rarely do the voyages or the ships they’re associated with live up to these superlatives.

Here’s one that does: a North Pole expedition aboard 50 Years of Victory, a nuclear-powered icebreaker that takes you to a spot inaccessible to all other commercial passenger vessels.

Since 2001, Poseidon Expeditions has been a leader in providing such an opportunity for intrepid, adventurous travelers for whom geographic boundaries simply don’t exist. We’re the first to admit that there are many excellent expedition ships in the market, taking their guests to remote spots all over the globe.

But only one vessel can deliver you to 90º North, the geographic top of the world. On your cruise to the North Pole, watch in amazement from high above the surface as your vessel’s twin nuclear reactors generate 75,000 horsepower, powering the vessel to crush Arctic sea ice as thick as three meters.

50 Years of Victory is a working ship; when it’s not offering North Pole expeditions it is busy clearing ice for scientific exploration and transport in hard-to-reach areas of the Arctic and Northeast Passage.

But you will find this workhorse very accommodating, providing comfortable cabins – all with outside views, private facilities and lower beds – for 128 guests. Public spaces include a dining room, aft salon for lectures, presentations and socializing, a bow-facing bar and lounge, and library. There’s even a gym, two saunas and a swimming pool with heated seawater from the Arctic Ocean.

Enhancing your time aboard are presentations by our experienced expedition staff – historians, scientists, naturalists and others – all of whom will bring your North Pole cruise alive with thoughtful insights and fascinating perceptions of the region. On attaining the true geographic North Pole, celebrate on the ice this spot that ostensibly belongs to no one, yet to everyone.

But your expedition to the North Pole is only half over, and there’s still much to see and do. Your return journey to Murmansk takes you to Franz Josef Land, an archipelago of uninhabited islands, yet rich with wildlife and startling scenery. From the safety of the ship’s towering superstructure, look for polar bears on their daily prowl, or colonies of seabirds nesting on rocky cliff sides. Under the guidance of our expedition team, head ashore in Zodiac landing craft at Tikhaya Bay on Hooker Island, where dilapidated buildings still stand at the meteorological station abandoned 50 years ago.

On this North Pole expedition, you’ll have the opportunity to go aloft in the ship’s helicopter for an aerial tour. Far below will be 50 Years of Victory, your home-away-from-home during your voyage to the top of the world.

Join us for a trip of a lifetime, a North Pole cruise with Poseidon Expeditions!

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