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As a result of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Poseidon Expeditions has canceled or suspended until further notice our Arctic programs that travel into Russian territorial waters. Our Summer 2022 expedition cruises originally scheduled aboard the Sea Spirit for those waters have now been rerouted to other regions – Svalbard and Northeast Greenland. We continue to watch the situation carefully and will keep our website and communications with interested guests up-to-date.

Poseidon Expeditions is a leading operator of polar expeditions in the cruise industry. Since 1999, we’ve offered voyages to the Arctic, Antarctica and the North Pole that combine the spirit of adventure with a generous measure of onboard comfort and well-being.

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The Russian name of the vessel 50 Let Pobedy means 50 Years of Victory. Powered by two nuclear reactors generating 75,000 horsepower and capable of crushing a clear path through multi-year ice up to three meters thick, she is the largest and most powerful icebreaker ever built.

Cruising aboard this marvel of engineering is an unforgettable experience in itself. She is a working ship, purpose-built to pilot cargo and research ships through heavy ice. For you she provides a friendly, casual atmosphere with unexpected amenities, comfortable accommodation, and a restaurant serving gourmet cuisine.



We carefully navigate the icebreaker to precisely 90 degrees north for our champagne toast of this momentous accomplishment. We ceremoniously drop the anchor on a sturdy stretch of ice and disembark onto the frozen sea. You are now able to stand at the top of the world.

You literally circumambulate the globe during our International Round Dance and you are treated to a special barbeque meal on the ice. You may even have the chance to take a plunge into the icy water. No other point on Earth is exactly like the North Pole and there is no celebration anywhere quite like this.



This remote wilderness is home to a variety of iconic High Arctic wildlife, including polar bears. In the surrounding icy waters it is possible to spot seals, walrus, and the elusive bowhead whale. The archipelago also hosts an abundance of nesting Arctic seabirds such as the rare ivory gull.

A wealth of well-preserved historical sites makes this island group a veritable museum of polar exploration. Here you have the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of famous explorers such as Fridtjof Nansen. The eerie remains of makeshift dwellings give testimony to the incredible struggles of these early expeditions.

Why us?

Conquer the North Pole – guaranteed! You will reach the top of the world – exactly 90° north latitude – regardless of weather or ice conditions.

23 years of experience in polar travel

23 years of experience in polar travel

If reaching the North Pole is your ultimate goal, your best chances are with us! More than 5,000 travelers have attained 90° north latitude with Poseidon Expeditions aboard the icebreaker 50 Years of Victory. All 45 attempts to reach the Pole to date have been successful.

I/b 50 Years of Victory

I/b 50 Years of Victory

It’s the world’s only nuclear-powered icebreaker used for passenger travel to the North Pole, and it’ll be your comfortable expedition ship exploring the High Arctic, capable of breaking through ice up to three meters thick.

Helicopter tours

Helicopter tours

Get a bird’s eye view – included for all guests – to see the icebreaker in action and enjoy panoramic views of the Arctic landscape.

Environmentally responsible

Environmentally responsible

Environmental-friendly travelling – no pollution! Cruising on a nuclear icebreaker does not produce any harmful emissions.

Bonus stop: Franz Josef Land

Bonus stop: Franz Josef Land

You will not only reach the North Pole, but also visit the remote Franz Josef Land archipelago, replete with majestic glaciers and icebergs. Discover the history of the first polar expeditions while seeing polar bears, walruses and whales in their naturally wild surroundings.

Personalized experience

Personalized experience

With a small group size of 124 like-minded travelers, we provide personal attention to every passenger, making this trip the experience of a lifetime!

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Cruises To The North Pole

North Pole Cruise

The top of the world. It’s a place very few people can say they’ve visited. With Poseidon Expeditions, you can be one of the rare explorers to venture to the northernmost spot on Earth — the geographic North Pole.

Stories about the “Heroic Era” explorers attempts to reach to the North Pole 120 years ago are fascinating, but the magic is something that truly needs to be personally experienced to be believed. On your Poseidon Expeditions cruise to the top of the world, you’ll crush through three-meter-thick ice aboard our nuclear-powered, 75,000-horsepower vessel, 50 Let Pobedy (which means 50 Years of Victory in Russian). The journey aboard this tenacious vessel is just the beginning of the adventure.

As you head north, pause in Franz Josef Land Archipelago, where cliffs with thousands of nesting seabirds present a photographer’s dream, as do the polar bears hunting on the ice.

Upon arrival at 90 degrees north, a full day of fun and excitement is in store. On the fast ice surrounding the ship, take photos of family and new-found friends; take a hike of the frozen Arctic Ocean, cluttered with pressure ridges and snow banks; take a Polar Plunge into the icy waters; and enjoy a festive barbecue and circle dance with fellow travelers from all over the world.

There will be opportunities to climb aboard the ship’s helicopter to admire from above the beauty of the frozen expanse and the powerful vessel plowing through the ice. You'll surely take a lot of photos, because a North Pole adventure is an experience that’s difficult to put into words.

What to Expect

The summer months are the only time of year to embark on a North Pole cruise, but this doesn’t mean bathing suit weather – unless you want to take a dip in the ship’s heated pool or go for our popular Polar Plunge. Seasonal temperatures average about 0 degrees Celsius and ice ranges between two and three meters thick. Upon arrival at 90 degrees north, adventurers enjoy a champagne toast and a celebration of the feat of making it to the top of the world.

As the ship heads south, you’ll likely see more High Arctic wildlife such as polar bears, walruses, seals and bowhead whales. Surprisingly, a number of historic sites — including makeshift huts created by early explorers — still exist in Franz Josef Land, giving visitors a chance to take photos or walk in the footsteps of Fridtjof Nansen and other legendary explorers.

Amenities Aboard the Ship

I/B 50 Years of Victory is not your average cruise ship. It was specifically built to pilot cargo and scientific ships to places that are extremely challenging to reach. Despite its workhorse profile, this vessel is equipped with all the features you’ll need to make the most of your North Pole expedition.

Equipped with cabins ranging from standard twins to the spacious Arktika Suites, this vessel offers surprising comfort and a variety of public rooms. These include a large dining room that accommodates all guests in one sitting; the Victory Bar, featuring live music; the Aft Saloon, where Poseidon’s expedition team provide informative presentations; and a fully equipped gym, swimming pool and sauna. Passengers can even take a guided tour through the engine room and converse with the captain and crew on the bridge.

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At Poseidon Expeditions, we don’t just offer cruises. We take our passengers on epic adventures to the farthest reaches of the earth.

Let your curiosity run free and join us for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to the top of the world.

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