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Arctic / Iceland and Greenland

Greenland isn’t really green and Iceland isn’t all covered in ice – join our expedition cruises and see for yourself!

All about Iceland and Greenland cruises

See the gems of the Arctic and discover the different faces of this region. Spot iconic wildlife such as walruses, polar bears and whales and visit quaint settlements and historic sites. See magnificent icebergs, fjords and – with a little bit of luck – aurora borealis. Travel aboard the small-scale expedition ship Sea Spirit in style and comfort. And you’ll have the best expedition team aboard with you, making it the experience of a lifetime. Choose from different departure/arrival ports such as Reykjavík (Iceland) or Longyearbyen (Svalbard) to start your expedition to Iceland and Greenland. Make the most of it: explore on foot, in small Zodiac excursion boats and (for our active expeditioners) we offer sea kayaking.

Why travel with Poseidon Expeditions?

Poseidon Expeditions is one of the leading operators of polar expeditions in the cruise industry. Since 1999, we’ve offered voyages that combine the spirit of adventure with a generous measure of onboard comfort and well-being, along with educational enrichment.

Why travel with us?
M/V Sea Spirit – Tiny but Mighty

M/V Sea Spirit – Tiny but Mighty

With a maximum capacity of just 114 passengers, we usually operate with 100 guests off the ship. It maximizes our travelers' time ashore because there is no need for splitting passengers into groups for landing rotations as required on larger ships.

A real polar expedition

A real polar expedition

Experience active exploration of the polar regions through a variety of activities. Weather permitting, we schedule up to 3 excursions per day and offer optional kayaking and, in Antarctica, camping. Enrich your polar knowledge in an engaging and interactive way through Poseidon’s edutainment program.

24 years of polar cruising

24 years of polar cruising

Polar cruising is our passion and expertise and over the past 24 years, we’ve gained tremendous experience building a strong team of enthusiastic polar professionals who are all experts in their field. Each cruise is a thoughtfully crafted expedition voyage.

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Stunning landscapes

Stunning landscapes

Our cruises to Iceland and Greenland offer passengers the chance to explore some of the most stunning natural landscapes on the planet, with breathtaking glaciers, volcanic mountains, fjords, and geysers. This is an opportunity to witness some of the most unique natural scenery in the world, all from the comfort of our small ship.

Fascinating cultural experiences

Fascinating cultural experiences

Iceland and Greenland are home to unique cultures and histories that offer a fascinating glimpse into the past and present of these incredible regions. Our travelers have the chance to experience local traditions, meet local people, and visit historic landmarks, providing a deeper understanding and appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of these places.

Incredible wildlife

Incredible wildlife

These regions are known for their abundant wildlife and natural wonders, including puffins, whales, and the Northern Lights. Witness these incredible sights in a truly unique way, with guided landings available to help passengers explore and appreciate the natural beauty.

Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland
Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland map route

US$ 9 086


Sea Kayak Club Photography

East Greenland East Greenland map route

US$ 6 386


Sea Kayak Club Photography


Itinerary Dates Days Activities Special Offer Rates from
Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland
Arctic Odyssey
20 Aug - 02 Sep 2024 14 Sea Kayak Club Photography
East Greenland
Arctic Sights and Northern Lights
01 Sep - 11 Sep 2024 11 Sea Kayak Club Photography EARLY BIRD SPECIAL
US$ 7 095
US$ 6 386
per person
East Greenland
Arctic Sights and Northern Lights
10 Sep - 20 Sep 2024 11 Sea Kayak Club Photography EARLY BIRD SPECIAL
US$ 7 095
US$ 6 386
per person

About Iceland

Expeditions to Greenland and Iceland


East Greenland (Fjords and Northern Lights)

Board your expedition in Reykjavík (Iceland) and cruise toward East Greenland. Spot iconic marine mammals and join onboard lectures and workshops. Visit Northeast Greenland National Park, famous for its giant icebergs, and spot wildlife in the blooming tundra. Explore spectacular fjords and narrow passages bustling with marine mammals like seals, walruses and narwhals at Scoresby Sund and learn about contemporary Inuit culture in Ittoqqortoormiit. En route back to port, we’ll stop at Iceland’s rarely visited Westfjords and explore the Dynjandi waterfalls.

South & West Greenland and Disko Bay (Welcome to the Land of Vikings)

This cruise embarks at Reykjavík (Iceland) and disembarks in Kangerluusaq (Greenland). Cruise by Cape Farewell (Greenland’s southernmost point) and visit the geothermal hot springs at Uunatorq before heading north. See contemporary Inuit villages and get to know their unique culture. Discover some of the best preserved Norse ruins at Hvalsey (Whale Island) and walk around the ancient farmstead of Erik the Red’s ancestors dating back to the 10th century. See the beautifully colored houses of Qaqortoq and discover ancient Viking remains. One of the highlights is Disko Bay, where you’ll see the biggest icebergs at Ilulissat (the “city of icebergs”).

Svalbard, Greenland and Iceland (Arctic Odyssey)

This cruise combines three gems of the Arctic! Start in Longyearbyen (Svalbard) and disembark in Reykjavík (Iceland). Discover Svalbard’s blooming tundra, iconic wildlife and Ny-Ålesund (a former mining town) with its museum, gift shop and post office before heading south to East Greenland. Visit the Franz Josef Fjord and Kong Oscar Fjord in Northeast Greenland National Park and Scoresby Sund’s large fjord systems. Learn about Inuit culture and see Greenlandic sled dogs in Ittoqqortoormiit. Before disembarkation we’ll stop at Iceland’s rarely visited Westfjords with their rugged mountains, waterfalls and incredible coastlines.



Zodiac Cruising

While you’ll get prime views from the deck of your expedition ship, we’ll take you even closer! Get a close-up view from aboard our small, stable and inflatable motorboats.

Sea Kayaking

Want to fully immerse yourself into this majestic polar world? Join our kayak club! Whenever weather conditions permit, we’ll deploy our stable kayaks and explore while paddling at our own speed. Please note this is a small-group activity and spots book out very quickly. We recommend to book as soon as possible.


Need to brush up on your photography skills? Join our workshop and ask our professionals how to get that perfect wildlife shot! There’ll be countless photo-ops that will inspire your creative spirit!

Plan your tour


How to go to Iceland and Greenland

Depending on your port of embarkation/disembarkation, you’ll be flying to/from either Reykjavík (Iceland) or Longyearbyen (Svalbard). (Exception: South & West Greenland and Disko Bay cruise disembarks in Kangerlussuaq (Greenland). Please note that airfare to the embarkation/disembarkation ports is not included (with the exception of the Oslo-Longyearbyen flight on our Arctic Odyssey cruise). International airlines operate several flights to these destinations.

Visa control

We recommend all travelers contact the relevant consulates in advance to check with current entry requirements and cost. Please contact us if you need any assistance.

Cruise Ships

Our 114-passenger expedition ship, the Sea Spirit, is perfectly suited for polar cruises. It features a restaurant, bar, gym, polar library, lecture rooms, comfortable cabins of various categories and a Jacuzzi on deck.

When to go on the Greenland and Iceland cruises?

We recommend visiting the Arctic region during the summer months (May-September). During the polar day, you will have plenty of daylight to explore and enjoy your holidays. Temperatures are comfortable and it’s the best time to see the blooming tundra (summer) and northern lights (September). 

Facts about these regions




Svalbard (part of Norway)





Inhabitants (*2021)

56,653 (18,800 in Nuuk)

372,295 (135,688 in Reykjavík)



2.166 million km2

103,000 km2

61,045 km2

Average temperatures (summer)

Not exceeding 10 °C (50 °F)

10-15 °C (50-59°F)

3-7 °C (37.4-44.6 °F)

Average temperatures (winter)

-9 °C (16 °F) in the south and down to -50°C in the north

0°C (32°F) in the south and -10 °C (14°F) in the north

-20 to -30 °C (-4 °F)


Yes, we offer Iceland and Greenland cruises to combine two Arctic gems in one tour. That way the trip is also comparably cheaper than two separate ones.

Yes, on our voyages in August and September you have the best opportunities to see the northern lights. During our past cruising seasons (2022) our travelers got prime views of aurora borealis during their holidays!

We offer combined cruises to Iceland and Greenland for our travelers to see both of these regions in one trip at a reasonable cost.

You don’t have to be disconnected during your vacation. As of 2023 and 2024 our cruise ship offers Wi-Fi aboard.

You can use international credit cards, as well as cash.

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