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Vast, unspoiled, virtually uninhabited—East Greenland’s Scoresby Sund is an Arctic wilderness of transcendent quality.

This memorable voyage starts and finishes in Reykjavík, Iceland. Across the Denmark Strait we explore the stunning Scoresby Sund fjord complex in East Greenland. Here we discover unbelievable scenery, historical sites, massive icebergs, a contemporary Inuit village, and of course the mesmerizing northern lights.

On our way to Greenland we visit the town of Ísafjörður in the Westfjords of Iceland. On our way back we explore Iceland’s picturesque Snæfellsnes peninsula. Every night on this voyage brings another excellent chance to experience the northern lights in a beautiful setting

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13 Sep - 24 Sep 2018
Reykjavik (Iceland)
Reykjavik (Iceland)
M/v Sea Spirit
12 days
Scoresby Sund

Scoresby Sund

Scoresby Sund is one of the largest and most beautiful fjord systems in the world. Long, narrow channels, strewn with cathedral-like icebergs and flanked by sheer rock walls, reach deep into the glaciated heart of Greenland. Those who appreciate huge expanses of untouched wilderness will love it here.

The tundra landscape of Scoresby Sund is home to wildlife such as musk oxen and Arctic hare. Throughout the region we also find ancient Thule archeological sites and historical trappers’ huts. At the modern Inuit village of Ittoqqortoormiit we have the chance to visit a museum and witness the antics of Greenlandic sled dogs.
Northern Lights

Northern Lights

This voyage is coordinated to bring you to an ideal location during the right season for viewing northern lights, so you have a great chance of experiencing this otherworldly celestial phenomenon, also known as aurora borealis. Commonly clear nights and the perfect latitude make Scoresby Sund a premier destination for watching the lights.

Spacious open decks on Sea Spirit and typically calm waters inside the fjords provide an ideal platform for admiring and photographing these beautiful displays. A gorgeous setting of mirror-calm water, snowy mountains, and luminous icebergs adds to the overall wonder of the experience.


On our way to and from Greenland we have the chance to explore along the west coast of this scenic and diverse country. In the ruggedly beautiful Westfjords we visit the historic fishing port of Ísafjörður. This small town embodies Iceland’s trademark blend of rich cultural heritage and contemporary charm.

On the Snæfellsnes peninsula, the picturesque Kirkjufell mountain and Snæfellsjökull volcano are famous features of the Icelandic landscape. The success of local merchants and fishermen are evident in traditional villages. The surrounding seas are home to a variety of seabirds and whales.


Arctic Sights and Northern Lights Arctic Sights and Northern Lights

Through the Viewfinder



Vast, untouched, dramatic landscapes make Scoresby Sund one of the world’s most photogenic destinations. Our free photography program gives you the chance to learn and practice your photography skills alongside an expert photographer.

Here in late summer the tundra is awash with vivid autumn color; snowcapped peaks send long shadows pivoting across shimmering fjords; the night sky is an ethereal stage upon which aurora borealis performs its otherworldly dance.

At this perfect intersection of place and time, you are a rare and privileged guest in one of the world’s most enchanting places. Our expert will be available to help you make the most of the bounty in your viewfinder.



Our optional sea kayaking program is conducted in the East Greenland portion of this voyage. This is a truly world-class paddling destination that has been experienced by very few kayakers before you.

Sea Kayak Club participants in East Greenland have the opportunity to paddle in fjords amongst enormous icebergs while enjoying magnificent mountain vistas. This region also offers the possibility of kayaking in the vicinity of tidewater glaciers.

Kayaking is a fun and interesting way to experience the breathtaking scenery of East Greenland. If you enjoy sea kayaking, then do not miss your chance to participate in this exciting adventure option.


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East Greenland
Reykjavik (Iceland) - Reykjavik (Iceland)
13 Sep - 24 Sep 201812
$ 5.995
per person

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