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Antarctica / Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica / Antarctic Wildlife Adventure

The sweeping scope of this Southern Ocean voyage brings the full spectrum of Antarctic wildlife into view.

In the Falkland Islands, where birdlife abounds, we discover easily accessible albatross and penguin rookeries on idyllic island farmsteads. In South Georgia, amidst the dramatic Southern Ocean seascape, we find world-famous wildlife beaches thronged with jousting elephant seals, raucous fur seals, and stately king penguins.

In the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula we explore a pristine polar wilderness of singular beauty, complete with bustling penguin colonies, dauntless seals, and voracious whales. On this ultimate wildlife expedition, each destination is more amazing than the last.

cruise gives you prime opportunities to see blue whales.

Why travel with Poseidon Expeditions?

Poseidon Expeditions is one of the leading operators of polar expeditions in the cruise industry. Since 1999, we’ve offered voyages that combine the spirit of adventure with a generous measure of onboard comfort and well-being, along with educational enrichment.

Why travel with us?
M/V Sea Spirit – Tiny but Mighty

M/V Sea Spirit – Tiny but Mighty

With a maximum capacity of just 114 passengers, we usually operate with 100 guests off the ship. It maximizes our travelers' time ashore because there is no need for splitting passengers into groups for landing rotations as required on larger ships.

A real polar expedition

A real polar expedition

Experience active exploration of the polar regions through a variety of activities. Weather permitting, we schedule up to 3 excursions per day and offer optional kayaking and, in Antarctica, camping. Enrich your polar knowledge in an engaging and interactive way through Poseidon’s edutainment program.

25 years of polar cruising

25 years of polar cruising

Polar cruising is our passion and expertise and over the past 24 years, we’ve gained tremendous experience building a strong team of enthusiastic polar professionals who are all experts in their field. Each cruise is a thoughtfully crafted expedition voyage.

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The windswept and treeless Falkland Islands are a birders’ paradise. The islands boast a great abundance and diversity of birdlife including five species of penguin, 80 percent of the world’s population of black-browed albatross, and numerous species of waterfowl such as the endemic Falkland steamerduck.

The waters around the Falkland Islands are home to various species of cetacean including the southern right whale, killer whale, and Peale’s dolphin. Breeding populations of South American fur seal, South American sea lion, and southern elephant seal frequent the islands’ many beaches.



The island of South Georgia is the world’s premier destination for subantarctic wildlife viewing. In this remote and stunningly beautiful wilderness, seabirds and marine mammals are counted in the millions. The island’s beaches are packed with fur seals and elephant seals jostling for space alongside innumerable king penguins.

In addition to penguins, South Georgia hosts a wide variety of birdlife in staggering abundance. The island is home to albatross, petrels, prions, skuas, shags, gulls, terns, and the carnivorous South Georgia pintail duck. This is also a fantastic place to witness the breeding behavior of the world’s largest seabird, the wandering albatross.



The Antarctic Peninsula is the ultimate polar wilderness. There is nothing else like it on Earth. Lofty serrated mountain ranges, all-encompassing glaciers, icebergs of every size and shape, and nutrient-rich waters define this pristine environment inhabited by robust populations of penguins, seals, and whales.

On this special voyage we hope to visit Point Wild on Elephant Island, where Earnest Shackleton and his men spent part of their historic odyssey. Also in the South Shetland Islands are the historical remains of a whaling station at Deception Island, as well as a multitude of far-flung research bases operated by various countries.



Itinerary Dates Days Activities Special Offer Rates from
Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica
Antarctic Wildlife Adventure
02 Nov - 18 Nov 2024 17 Sea Kayaking Photography SPECIAL GUEST: RICK SAMMON
US$ 14 795
per person
Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica
Antarctic Wildlife Adventure
17 Nov - 07 Dec 2024 21 Sea Kayaking Photography
US$ 16 995
per person
Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica
Antarctic Wildlife Adventure
05 Jan - 25 Jan 2025 21 Sea Kayaking Photography
US$ 19 495
per person
Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica
Antarctic Wildlife Adventure
26 Feb - 20 Mar 2025 23 Sea Kayaking Photography
US$ 16 195
per person
Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica
Antarctic Wildlife Adventure
09 Nov - 29 Nov 2025 21 Sea Kayaking Photography SUPER EARLY BIRD SAVINGS UP TO 20% OFF*
US$ 17 495
US$ 14 871
per person


Through the Viewfinder




The world-class wildlife and landscapes found on this voyage offer a dazzling array of subjects for photographers of all backgrounds. Our free photography program gives you the chance to learn and practice your skills alongside an experienced expert.

An albatross, great wings outstretched, glides to the ground beside its downy chick. Two bull elephant seals stage a ferocious battle against a backdrop of glaciers. An iceberg casts its reflection upon water rippling with the motion of penguins.

With a stupendous abundance of animals and scenery beyond comparison, this voyage provides a cornucopia of inspiration for the photographer. Our expert will be available to help you make the most of this bounty in your viewfinder.


Our optional kayaking program gives you the chance to experience these incredible destinations in a unique and interesting way. All three regions on this itinerary offer fantastic paddling opportunities, each one more rewarding than the last.

Sea Kayak Club participants in South Georgia encounter swarms of penguins and seals while paddling in a supremely wild and beautiful environment. The Antarctic Peninsula delights kayakers with spectacular polar scenery and ice features of every description.

This voyage takes you to some of the world’s most gorgeous locations and offers some of the best opportunities to paddle with wildlife. If you enjoy sea kayaking, then do not miss your chance to participate in this exciting adventure activity.


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About the Antarctic Wildlife Cruise

Discover the most exciting places in the Antarctic region for wildlife viewing in the 2021 and 2022 season! Not only wildlife lovers will be amazed by this signature Antarctic wildlife expedition.

Aboard our comfortable expedition ship, the Sea Spirit, you’ll get the best views of landscapes and wildlife. Our small inflatable Zodiac boats will bring you to tucked-away bays to spot rare seabirds and wildlife in their natural habitat. Want to get even closer to the action? Join our kayak group and paddle close-up for the best photo ops of your lifetime!


Expedition Highlights

The Falkland Islands

Discover a little piece of Britain in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean! Grassy hills, sandy beaches and quaint homesteads await you, as well as curious penguins and an abundance of rare seabirds.

South Georgia Island

It’s the prime destination for wildlife lovers! See fur and elephant seals on picturesque beaches, penguin rookeries, albatrosses, petrels, skuas, gulls, terns and the carnivorous South Georgia pintail duck. See their breeding spots among the island’s wide plains and rocky shores.

Antarctic Peninsula

Glacier-covered mountain ranges, icebergs in all shapes and sizes and various types of penguins and seals await you on the peninsula. Discover abandoned whaling stations and polar exploration history on Deception Island, Elephant Island and the South Shetland Islands on your cruise!

The Falkland Islands.jpg

Antarctic Wildlife

You’ll find abundant wildlife, including rare seabirds, on the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia Island, South Sandwich Islands, the Falkland Islands and other subantarctic islands of the White Continent. A South Georgia expedition is a must if you want to see king penguins, fur seals and huge elephant seals (for example, at Fortuna Bay). Our professional expedition team will guide you to make animal viewing safe. The expedition leader will brief you on wildlife preservation and the correct way to handle encounters.


Discover various types of penguins! See gentoo, macaroni and rockhopper penguins (predominant on the Falklands), king penguins on the wide plains of South Georgia, chinstrap and adélie penguins on the Antarctic Peninsula.


You will meet Antarctic fur seals, weddell, crabeater and leopard, as well as elephant seals with their cute large-eyed elephant seal pups. About 95% of the world’s elephant seal population is found on South Georgia. The island’s abandoned whaling stations are bustling with various seal species and it is a surreal sight to see wildlife claim back these men-made ruins.


Start a Big Year on this trip! You will see albatross, petrels, prions, skuas, shags, gulls, terns and the carnivorous South Georgia pintail duck. Prion Island, Cooper Island and Deception Island are home to many iconic seabirds of the region.


Look out for humpback whales, minke and fin whales. A South Georgia cruise gives you prime opportunities to see blue whales.

South Georgia Island.jpg


Day 1: Day 1: Arrive in Ushuaia or Buenos Aires, Argentina (depending on your chosen cruise).

Day 2: Board the Sea Spirit in the afternoon and start your journey leaving South America through the Beagle Channel to your first stop, the Falklands.

Day 3: Enjoy spectacular ocean views, visit our safety briefings and join lectures with our onboard specialists on marine biology, geography, history and photography.

Day 4-5: Get your cameras ready! Arriving at the Falklands, we will see remote beaches with penguins and nesting seabirds – a true birder’s paradise! Discover Port Stanley, the capital of the Falklands, visit the local museum, see the cathedral (with its iconic whalebone arch) and make sure to grab a cold one in one of the quaint pubs.

Day 6-7: Continue to South Georgia Island, passing by the seabird-covered Shag Rocks, a towering stone formation in the South Atlantic Ocean.

Day 8-12: Get ready for your South Georgia Island cruise! Discover penguins and seals on the pristine beaches and plains of South Georgia. This island has no permanent inhabitants and is a true wildlife paradise. See penguin rookeries, elephant seals and their pups, fur seals and seabirds. History buffs and wildlife lovers will appreciate the beautifully arranged museum in Grytviken, covering Antarctic history, flora and fauna. See abandoned whaling stations being claimed back by nature and wildlife. Depending on the weather, we’ll schedule landings at the best spots to make this one of the most unique experiences of your life. Cruise in our small Zodiacs to get up close. Our kayak group will paddle in the bays for the most stunning views and wildlife encounters on the island.

Day 13-14: Continue to the Antarctic Peninsula. Enjoy ocean views on deck or grab binoculars on the captain’s bridge to look out for whales and albatrosses. Weather permitting, we may stop at Elephant Island.

Day 15-18: Discover the South Shetland Islands, rich in history and wildlife. See the former whaling station on Deception Island and discover Elephant Island, famous for Shackleton’s heroic Antarctic trip and South Georgia voyage to save his stranded crew. Learn about their ill-fated expedition on the Endurance.

Picturesque channels and snow-covered bays await you on the Antarctic Peninsula. Look out for seals and penguins – the krill-rich waters attract an abundance of wildlife! Visit research stations, the gift shop and send a post card from Antarctica! Cruise south and pass the Gerlache Strait and Lemaire Channel, with magnificent icebergs, glacier-covered mountains and crystal-clear waters.

Day 19-20: Head back to port, crossing the infamous Drake Passage. Time for the Captain’s Farewell Cocktail and our end-of-voyage slideshow.

Day 21: Disembark in Ushuaia or Buenos Aires, depending on your cruise. Time to plan your next polar adventure!

Check out detailed itineraries and the cruise schedules.

Plan your Antarctica wildlife tour

How to get to the departure port of your Antarctic wildlife expedition

You’ll have to cover your own airfare to Ushuaia or Buenos Aires, Argentina (depending on the cruise). But we’ll pick you up from the airport and arrange one night in a quality hotel before departure (included in your cruise package). You will then board the Sea Spirit to begin your cruise.


Visa control

Please check visa requirements in advance! Depending on your nationality, you may require a visa to enter Argentina. We can assist you if needed.

Antarctic cruise ships

We travel aboard our small ship, perfectly suited for expedition travel with a maximum of 114 passengers. You can choose from various cabin categories that meet your desired level of comfort. There’s also a restaurant, bar, outdoor bistro, 24-hour tea and coffee station, polar library, lecture hall and a gym.

What’s the weather like?

We cruise during the Antarctic summer (December to March). Temperatures are mild, averaging around 0°C. Expect wind on the Falkland Islands and quickly changing weather throughout the entire cruise.

Packing list

Pack for dressing in layers! Choose warm undergarments (wool or synthetics, not cotton), middle layers (polar fleece, wool), wind- and water-proof clothes for the top layers. We’ll provide boots for the landings. Consider comfortable footwear for onboard. Don’t forget your cameras, spare batteries, chargers, personal hygiene products and medications (if applicable).

Deck plan and cabin descriptions

View the full deck plan here.


All cabins have en-suite facilities, wardrobes or walk-in closets, an in-room safe, refrigerator, satellite telephone access, TV/DVD, temperature control and hair dryer.

Triple Suite

Perfect for 3, this 21m2 picture-windows cabin offers two twin beds (convertible to a king size bed) and one sofa bed. It’s located on the Oceanus Deck.

Main Deck Suite

Suited for 2, this 23m2 suite is equipped with portholes and offers two twins or a king size bed. It’s located on the Main Deck.

Classic Suite

Designed for 2, this 21m2 suite features picture windows and is located on the Oceanus Deck. Choose twin beds or a king size.

Superior Suite

These 20m2 suites for 2 are located on the Club Deck and feature picture windows overlooking the walkway. Choose twin beds or a king size.

Deluxe Suite

Suited for 2, this 24m2 suite comes with a private balcony. Choose twin beds or a king size.

Premium Suite

This 2-person suite with 30m2 is located on the Sun Deck and features a private balcony. Choose twin beds or a king size. It also features a lounge area.

Owners Suite

As only one of its kind aboard, this 63m2 suite is located on the Sun Deck and features a king size bed, sofa bed, private living room with game and meeting area, BOSE stereo system and plasma TV. You’ll have your own private deck and a jetted bathtub in addition to en-suite facilities.

What’s included in the cost

One night in a hotel before your cruise starts, as well as airport pickup are included in your cruise package. Cabin accommodation, all meals aboard, 24-hour tea and coffee station, landings and excursions in Zodiacs, rubber boots for the duration of your cruise, lectures, use of the polar library, free Wi-fi access and gym are included. You’ll also get your signature Poseidon Expeditions parka, which is yours to keep.

For a full list of items included and not included in the cruise price, check the cruise page.



What is the best month to visit Antarctica?

Primetime for cruises is the Antarctic summer (December to March).

How do I survive the Drake Passage?

A lot depends on attitude and most people adapt quickly. Our ship is equipped with stabilizing fins to reduce pitching and rolling during rough sea. We also offer medication against motion sickness if needed.

How can I go to Antarctica on a budget?

We have various cruise packages at different cost. Choose what matches your budget from our itineraries and sign up for our newsletter to receive information about discounts and our best deals!

How cold will it get on the expedition?

The average temperature is around 0°C during our cruises. Be sure to dress in layers and you’ll also receive our signature expedition parka.

What is the best time to visit the Falklands and South Georgia Island?

The best time for Antarctic cruises is during the austral summer (November to February). Many places we plan to visit require stabile weather and sea conditions (like Elephant Island). Itineraries may change due to unfavorable weather. Antarctic Circle, peninsula and South Georgia expeditions cross the infamous Drake Passage, which tends to be calmer during December and January.

What Clothes Should You Take with You to Expedition?

South Georgia Island tours can be windy and wet. We recommend wearing warm layers, including wind and waterproof top layers, a hat and gloves. You will also get our signature Poseidon Expeditions parka, which will keep you warm when you visit South Georgia and is yours to keep.

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