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Faces of the Polar World - Kari Herbert

Our collection of polar videos will give you an inside look into the world of expedition cruising. Embark on a virtual voyage to the remote destinations of the Arctic, Antarctica and the North Pole. It can be difficult to imagine the beauty of the polar regions if you've never seen them with your own eyes. A video tells a story, conveys emotion and captures the beauty of each special moment. Review destination highlights in short recaps and longer clips, watch interviews with scientists and guides, follow slideshows, explore polar tips, and more. Visualize your next adventure with Poseidon Expeditions!

When we ask our passengers what was the highlight of their Arctic expedition cruise, the answers vary. Some name amazing nature, some - abundant wildlife, and others - polar history. There are no rights or wrongs: when all of these elements combine, the Arctic is born, diverse, pristine and divergent.

On Arctic cruises with Poseidon Expeditions, we travel to different destinations in search of different things. There are places like Spitsbergen where the flowering tundra meets the rugged mountain landscapes and the snowy desert. Or Greenland, where the northern lights make for the most epic polar scenes. There are also places steeped in history, like Franz Josef Land, which are the most exciting to visit.

In all of our cruises, we are joined by polar experts: scientists, researchers or historians. On this Arctic cruise, we were lucky to have Kari Herbert on board, a renowned polar author and travel photojournalist. She shares that her father was a polar explorer, and that shaped her life in a unique way. Growing up on stories about Nansen, Scott and Shackleton, and actually getting to see the places where they wintered was the experience of a lifetime.


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