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What is an expedition cruise?

When you hear the word "cruise," do you immediately picture a pool on a large ship cruising through the Caribbean? But what if we told you that there's a different kind of cruise experience? One that's more dynamic, offering a closer, more personal ambiance. This is the essence of an expedition cruise, blending the true spirit of adventure with both comfort and relaxation.

Eloisa Berrier, Poseidon's Kayak Master and Marine Biologist, will guide us through what an expedition cruise is and how it stands apart from your typical cruise experience.

Poseidon has been organizing polar cruises since 1999, and over 25 years, we've gained tremendous experience in the realm of polar cruising. Whether you want to explore remote Antarctica with its penguins or Greenland lit by the Northern Lights, Poseidon has the perfect cruise for you! Explore the options on our website.


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