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Poseidon Expeditions resumes North Pole adventures this month

July, 2021

Due to ongoing COVID-related travel restrictions, the July 10-22 and July 21-Aug. 2 cruises will carry almost exclusively Russian nationals. 

'While our Sea Spirit and the ships of most Arctic expedition ship operators have been forced by the coronavirus epidemic to sit out the 2020 and 2021 summer seasons, we are gratified to operate two of the originally scheduled departures for 50 Years of Victory this summer,' Poseidon President Nikolay Saveliev said.

'This was not without its challenges, as we had to work closely with Russian authorities and Atomflot (owner and operator of Russia’s icebreaker fleet) to secure all of the usual permits as well as agreed protocols to prevent and control any potential occurrence of COVID-19 on board the 128-passenger ship,' he added.

Vaccination or antibody proof required, plus PCR test

Travelers must present documentation of COVID vaccination or an antibody test plus a negative PCR test in the days prior to embarking. Masks and other safety protocols such as regular temperature checks will also be implemented as conditions warrant at the time of departure.

Full day at North Pole plus several days in Franz Josef Land
The 13-day 'Top of the World' cruise includes a full day of activities at the North Pole, 90º north latitude, plus several days exploring Franz Josef Land, an infrequently visited archipelago of 192 islands rich in polar wildlife and scenery. Poseidon’s 14-member expedition staff includes marine biologists, geologists, historians, glaciologists and other polar experts.
Three scheduled programs for 2020 were postponed, with travelers transferred to 2021 or 2022. Poseidon said the affected season did not diminish demand for this unique trip. The company has hosted more than 4,600 polar adventurers to the top of the world since it began this itinerary in 2001.

2022 reservations open for international travelers
Poseidon is also opening reservations to all international travelers with the commencement of 50 Years of Victory’s 2022 season, with three planned departures: July 10-22, July 21-Aug.1 and Aug.1-13. Rates start at $30,395 per person with an early booking discount (valid through Oct. 31, 2021). Included are a pre-cruise hotel night in Murmansk, all transfers, excursions, helicopter rides, educational lectures and entertainment, parka and more.

The company's flexible reservation policy is outlined here


Link to the material: https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/expedition-cruising/poseidon-expeditions-resumes-north-pole-adventures-month

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