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Faces of the Polar World - James Balog

Arctic and North Pole expedition cruises are rare opportunities to visit the remote northern reaches of our planet. While the main purpose of our cruises is taking you to extraordinary places and giving you a chance to explore the polar regions, we at Poseidon Expeditions also understand the opportunities these cruises give to scientists, historians and researchers from all over the world. They are united by a passion for the Arctic, and a desire to keep it pristine for as long as possible.

On this Arctic cruise, we were joined by James Balog, experienced nature photographer and producer of 'Chasing Ice', the award-winning documentary on climate change. With the Extreme Ice Survey project, he has been monitoring the state of sea ice for more than 10 years with time-lapse cameras. The Arctic glacial ice is receding dramatically, according to Balog. He considers it a sure sign of global warming making its way to the polar regions.

As worrying as the climate change signs may seem, James is optimistic and hopeful that the raising awareness among people of all nations means we will be able to keep the Arctic pristine for future generations. Join a cruise with Poseidon Expeditions to the most unique polar ecosystem to be more engaged in the state of our environment.


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