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Arctic Wildlife: Myths and Reality - Webinar with Christian Bruttel

The Arctic is home to a wide variety of animals - from polar bears to Arctic foxes, muskoxen, walruses, whales, reindeer, and many other species. Our expedition leader Christian Bruttel will unveil the world of Arctic wildlife, including common myths and the real stories behind them.⁣

Originally from the south of Germany, Christian moved to the High Arctic community of Longyearbyen, Svalbard in 2012. Since then, he has worked throughout the Arctic and Antarctica as an adventure guide and expedition leader.⁣

⁣This is a recording of the webinar from June 25, 2020. Enjoy watching!

1:40 Christian and Kate make introductions
3:39 Kate talks about polar cruises with Poseidon Expeditions
4:54 Chris talks about his polar experience and how he became a guide
9:45 A general overview of the Arctic wildlife
10:44 Polar bears - the kings of the Arctic, their population & breeding
18:21 Polar bears hibernate during the winter - myth or reality?
20:35 Polar bears are great swimmers and love to swim - myth or reality?
23:41 Chris talks about his most memorable polar bear encounter (warning - sensitive imagery)
29:45 Polar bear vs Walrus - who is stronger and more dangerous?
35:59 Female walruses live on Franz Josef Land & males live in Svalbard - myth or reality?
40:28 Where a traveler can see polar bears & walruses
41:48 Are walruses dangerous?
47:00 Do polar bears hunt reindeer?
49:09 Svalbard reindeer - Arctic adaptations & behaviour
51:42 Bearded seal - name, habitat, diet, sleeping
52:45 Ringed seal - breathing holes, breeding
54:08 Harp seal - habitat, population
54:23 Hooded seal - distribution, conservation status
55:04 Harbor seal - habitat, breeding
59:17 Arctic fox - Arctic adaptations, diet, breeding
1:03:25 Arctic wildlife is more active during the summer - myth or reality?
1:07:25 Questions and answers[/SIZE]

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