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Poseidon Expeditions Offers Family Rate Incentives For Arctic Cruise Reservations

July, 2019

PROVIDENCE, RI, July 25, 2019 – Families can now introduce children to the wonders of the polar ice cap with rate incentives for Arctic cruises on new bookings made by October 31, 2019, aboard Poseidon Expeditions’ Sea Spirit.
Think Norway and the North Pole. Somewhere in between is the Svalbard Archipelago, a High Arctic wilderness that polar bear, reindeer and walrus call home.
Poseidon Expeditions Offers Family Rate IncentivesThe 114-guest Sea Spirit will conduct five 2020 Arctic Wildlife Safaris into this region. Children under age 12 travel at half of the regular per person price in a double-occupancy cabin with an adult. For adults, early booking discounts are from 10 to 15 percent depending on the accommodation. An extra savings of $800 per adult will be applied.
“It’s a wonderful opportunity for parents or grandparents wishing to expose their youngster to an amazing environment of diverse wildlife, glaciers and legends from the heroic era of Arctic exploration,” said Steve Wellmeier, managing director of Poseidon’s North America office. “What better way for a child to spend part of their summer break than experiencing firsthand the archipelago’s whales, migrating birds, polar bears, walruses and so much more, while exploring with family aboard a safe and comfortable expedition ship?”
Poseidon Expeditions Offers Family Rate IncentivesExamples of this family plan include a Main Deck Suite on the May 31-June 8, 2020, where the rate per child is just half of the $8,095 regular fare while the adult pays the discounted rate of $6,486. Similar savings are in effect for Svalbard departures on May 31, June 7, June 14, June 21 and June 30. The rate includes: 

Poseidon Expeditions is a specialist in active adventure cruises in the high latitudes. West Spitsbergen and the Polar Ice Edge is one of Poseidon’s most popular Arctic cruises, ranging from 9-12 days. See: https://poseidonexpeditions.com/arctic/west-spitsbergen-and-ice-cap/181/
Svalbard itself is a place of precarious beauty and a stronghold of endangered Arctic wildlife. This remarkable expedition departs from the far northern settlement of Longyearbyen on the Norwegian Arctic island of Spitsbergen in the famed Svalbard archipelago. Guests explore the island’s northwestern coast, home to dramatic mountain scenery, tidewater glaciers and some of the Arctic’s best wildlife viewing opportunities. The itinerary ventures to the jumbled edge of the north-polar ice cap in search of polar bears stalking their prey. Here, at the dynamic boundary between implacable ice and bountiful sea, is a rare opportunity to experience raw nature.
Poseidon Expeditions Offers Family Rate IncentivesDeep fjords and narrow channels are flanked by jagged snowy mountain peaks. Immense tidewater glaciers calve icebergs into turquoise waters. On ice floes and on fast ice several species of seals watch vigilantly for polar bears. Fields of flowering tundra are home to grazing reindeer and playful Arctic fox. Bountiful inshore and offshore waters harbor walrus and a wide variety of whales. The whole area is alive with migratory birds, including numerous rare species, taking advantage of summer’s fecundity in 24-hour daylight.
And over it all presides the polar bear, monarch of the North. This wild corner of Svalbard is one of the best places in the world to observe polar bears hunting in their preferred habitat -- the pack ice. The ship comes as close as is safely possible to the jumbled and broken edge of the polar ice cap where polar bears stalk the frozen sea in search of seals.
Human habitation in this area can be found only at Ny Ålesund, a former mining town that is now home to an international community of Arctic researchers. This is one of the world’s most northerly settlements, complete with museum, gift shop and post office.
For inquires and reservations in North America, or to request a catalog, agents can contact the company’s Providence, RI, sales and reservation office at SalesUSA@poseidonexpeditions.com or by telephone at 347-801-2610.
In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, contact Poseidon’s Hamburg office – Anfrage@poseidonexpeditions.com or telephone +49-40-7566-8555. In the UK and elsewhere on the globe, contact Sales@poseidonexpeditions.com or telephone +44 20 3369 0020.
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