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December, 2019

King penguins in Antarctica

We continue to enjoy memories of our cruise to the Falkland Islands and South Georgia Island with Poseidon Expeditions. Each day, we looked forward to epic scenery; pristine beaches full of hundreds, often thousands, of  king penguins with their chicks; enormous elephant seals, mating or nursing their young; courting polar seabirds; and much more.  We’d alternate hiking with simply lingering in one place to watch the parades of animals. Later, aboard the Sea Spirit, the camaraderie with fellow guests and our expedition crew provided the perfect ending for each day—altogether it was the trip of a lifetime!

The company’s 114-passenger ship, the Sea Spirit, now in its 7th season, offers the perfect combination of luxury, comfort and expedition-readiness. We enjoyed a crew that offers first-class, 24-7 service. The ship’s small size means it can reach destinations not accessible by larger ships.  From late October to early March, the Sea Spirit cruises the Southern Ocean, followed by destinations in the northern hemisphere over the spring and summer Arctic seasons.

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