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Live broadcast: Antarctica Cruise (13.02-24.02.2015). Day 9

February 21st

Our final day at the Antarctic Peninsula started with a visit to Danko Island. While cruising along shore in our Zodiacs, we encountered a pod of seals constantly sparring with each other. In the water they were even more athletic and able: smooth, slick and magnificent swimmers.

Following lunch, ice floes full of penguins and seals began to appear alongside the ship. Later on, humpback and minke whales joined us. Everyone ran from one side of the ship to the other hoping not to miss anything.

danko island

We tried our luck looking for humpbacks and other whales in Welhimina Bay. Indeed, we were fortunate; some saw whales playing alongside their Zodiacs. We have never seen such happy faces as those returning to the ship! It’s really kind of therapeutic to have the good fortune to meet up with these giant mammals and watch them closely.

This last active day gave us a lot to see and think about, especially because we all knew it was the last one. After dinner we climbed to the 4th deck and stumbled upon some real chocolate madness right at the bar – two whole tables filled with various chocolate desserts, from sweets to mousses, pies and chocolate cake slices. A beautiful sight!

Leisure aboard

At the end of the evening, we had fun with a quiz on how well the passengers had gotten to know the expedition staff. Each staff member wrote a funny, interesting or rare event from his or her life experience on a piece of paper that was then handed out to the passengers. We then had to guess the correct staff member.

Over the next two days we would again be crossing the Drake Passage, but in the opposite direction, of course. We all hoped for some luck with the weather.

Pity it’s all going to end soon!

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