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Antarctica Camping in Polar Cruises

7 December, 2022

You might have heard about the possibility of camping on cruises to Antarctica, or perhaps you know someone who has done it. But what is this craziness all about? Why would anyone want to go camping in Antarctica? Still more puzzlingly, why would anyone leave behind a comfortable bed on a perfectly good cruise ship to spend a night outside on the ice? There must be a reason, because passengers gladly pay extra to do exactly that.

For many who choose to camp in Antarctica, the reason is simple: they do it because it’s an opportunity to experience something extraordinary, something unique, something they can’t do anywhere else. Camping in Antarctica will significantly increase the time you spend in direct contact with the polar environment. As the sun slowly sets, you can forget about time and let your senses fully absorb the awesomeness of this legendary wilderness. Maybe you would like to spend a few more quality hours in the company of penguins. Or perhaps you would simply like to find a peaceful place away from the group to enjoy the drama of ever-changing evening light on the mountains. In the stillness of the gathering night, you might hear the haunting chorus of Weddell seals, subliminally singing as they slumber on their drifting beds of ice. Glaciers rumble and icebergs crack in the deepening cold, sending sonic reverberations that echo for miles. Close your eyes and these otherworldly sounds will follow you into dreams.

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