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The White Continent is more accessible and more affordable than ever with our express 9-night Antarctica Peninsula voyage!

With our express itinerary, you can easily fit your dreamed-of voyage to Antarctica into your South American holiday without breaking your budget or compromising quality. This once-per-year departure is timed to coincide with the height of the austral summer when weather and wildlife in Antarctica are usually at their best.

This exhilarating 9-night cruise departs from Ushuaia, Argentina. After crossing the legendary Drake Passage we proceed on an efficient tour of the best destinations in the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula. The days are long and full of activities, wildlife sightings, and unbelievable scenery.

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26 Nov - 06 Dec 2018
Ushuaia (Argentina)
Ushuaia (Argentina)
M/v Sea Spirit
11 days
Living Eden

Living Eden

When explorers first discovered the Antarctic Peninsula, they found a place truly untouched by man. Before them stood a pristine wilderness with abundant, undaunted wildlife. Antarctica remains very much the same to this day, and it will stand before you much as it did before those early explorers.

The waters of Antarctica are home to astounding numbers of marine mammals and seabirds. This is the season when gentoo, chinstrap, and adélie penguins come together to form boisterous nesting colonies and raise their downy little chicks. Meanwhile, seals are commonly found reposing on ice floes and whales can be seen gorging on krill.

Footsteps of Heroes

Footsteps of Heroes

Antarctica has been the setting of many heroic adventures. Ordinary men have found greatness while some great men have found their demise. On this voyage you will be following in the historic footsteps of polar explorers, entrepreneurs, and scientific expeditions. Evidence of these intrepid first visitors can still be seen at locations throughout the region.

In this area you also have the chance to appreciate modern human endeavor at a scientific research base. Some bases, such as Port Lockroy, have a post office, gift shop and museum.

Antarctic Adventure

Antarctic Adventure

Antarctica is synonymous with adventure. With our action-packed itinerary, tedium is not an option. The season’s long daylight hours give us ample opportunity to venture ashore and to cruise the scenic waterways in Zodiacs. Add kayaking and camping to take your adventure to the next level.

Rugged mountains covered with immense glaciers create a stunning backdrop for your real-life adventure story. Towering icebergs and glittering brash ice move constantly through the scene. The curtain does not close on this stage where penguins, seals, and whales play their parts in the epic drama that is Antarctica.


Antarctica Express Antarctica Express

Through the Viewfinder



Whether you’re packing an SLR with a bazooka lens or keeping nimble with a camera phone or GoPro, you’ll want to keep your gear handy as Antarctica provides an endless variety of amazing photo opportunities.

Antarctica’s unique wildlife excites and challenges even the most seasoned photographers. In our free photography program you will learn tricks of the trade to help you capture all the crazy wildlife action.

With ice of staggering proportions and scenery beyond description, Antarctica also provides limitless inspiration for the landscape photographer. Our photography expert will be available to help you make the most of this bounty in your viewfinder.



If you like outdoor adventure, then sea kayaking in Antarctica is not to be missed. The Antarctic Peninsula region thrills kayakers with spectacular scenery, accessible wildlife, and amazing paddling locations with ice all around.

Sea Kayak Club participants in Antarctica have the chance to paddle with penguins and seals in waters sparkling with ice while enjoying incredible views of snowy mountains, icebergs, and glaciers.

The areas visited on this voyage offer some of the best kayaking opportunities in the world. Paddle in our top-quality kayaks with our professional guides and discover the polar paradise of your dreams!



Antarctica Camping is a unique and unforgettable way to expand your experience on the White Continent. This optional activity allows you to meet Antarctica on its own terms by spending a night out on the ice and snow.

Camping is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the Antarctic wilderness. Spend hours watching the drama of ever-changing light upon the landscape, capturing that perfect photo, or simply falling asleep to the mysterious sounds of the ice.

On your camping night you can take the time to fully experience whatever joy Antarctica holds for you. You will also gain undeniable bragging rights, lasting memories, and a newfound appreciation for your warm bed back on the ship.


DestinationDatesDaysActivitiesSpecial offersRates from
Antarctic Peninsula
Ushuaia (Argentina) - Ushuaia (Argentina)
26 Nov - 06 Dec 201811
$ 6.495
per person

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