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Faces of the Polar World - James Balog (Part 2)

Poseidon Expeditions offers North Pole expedition cruises aboard a state-of-the-art icebreakerThe Russian name of the vessel "50 Let Pobedy" means "50 Years of Victory". Powered by two nuclear reactors generating 75000 horsepower and capable of crushing a clear path through multi-year ice up to three meters thick, she is the largest and most powerful icebreaker ever built.

Cruising aboard this marvel of engineering is an unforgettable experience in itself. She is a working ship, purpose-built to pilot cargo and research ships through heavy ice. For our passengers provides a friendly, casual atmosphere with unexpected amenities, comfortable accommodation, and a restaurant serving gourmet cuisine. Everyone who comes aboard instantly falls in love with "50 Years of Victory", including our special guest experts.

On this North Pole cruise, we were joined by James Balog, experienced nature photographer and producer of 'Chasing Ice', the award-winning documentary on climate change. He talks about his impressions of the "50 Years of Victory" and how his expectations were exceeded by the design, elegance and power of our expedition vessel.


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