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Faces of the Polar World - Don Perovich (Part 2)

The Arctic is a diverse and extraordinary travel destination: an expedition cruise to the northernmost reaches of the world is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Poseidon Expeditions invites you aboard the comfortable m/v Sea Spirit, where you will join our team of experts and esteemed crew in a journey into the icy wilderness. Tidewater glaciers, polar bears and whales, northern lights and majestic scenery are some of the wonders you’ll get to see.

The best way to discover the Arctic is to actually be here and witness the marvels of the polar north. One of the questions that still remains unanswered is the tricky ice melting. Among other polar questions like history, biology and geology, this subject is discussed on board our expedition ships. We invite prominent scientists, polar experts and researches to join our cruises and share their knowledge and passion for the polar regions.

On this Arctic voyage, we were lucky to have Don Perovich on board. He is an internationally recognized Arctic sea ice expert, recently retired from the U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering lab. On his expedition he discusses the importance of people coming together to preserve the Arctic. On our ships, the "citizen scientists" make ice observations that can be used by the scientific community. More than that, the participation itself is equally important: it builds a sense of community, stimulates responsible polar travel and supports our efforts in keeping the Arctic pristine.


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