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Faces of the Polar World - Aaron Strahlke

Antarctica is a must on every adventurer’s bucket list. Travel the last discovered continent aboard the luxury m/v Sea Spirit with Poseidon Expeditions: an expedition cruise to experience the abundant wildlife, dramatic polar scenery and the remarkable geology. Sparkling glaciers rise from the deep blue waters form intricate mazes at sea, while snowy mountaintops and various rock structures act as a backdrop to the ever-present ice.

Aaron Strahlke, our on-board geologist, has seen many faces of Antarctica over the years. Some of his favorite places include the Drygalski Fjord with towering glaciers, Deception island where our ship is able to go directly into the Caldera of an active volcano, and Paradise Harbor with beautiful glaciers just on top of the mountain ranges.

Antarctica is unique in terms of geology, and yet, shows some amazing similarities with the rest of the world. Aaron tells us how the White Continent is connected to South Africa. Visiting Antarctica is the experience of a lifetime, and a chance to see something truly exceptional.

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