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M/v Sea Spirit video tour

Still think polar expedition cruises are a feat of endurance and a battle with the severe nature forces? That may have been true for the brave polar pioneers... But with Poseidon Expeditions' expedition ship m/v Sea Spirit, the far-away Arctic and Antarctica become accessible for traveling in style and comfort.

Like some of the birds we see in the Arctic and Antarctica, our m/v Sea Spirit is migratory and follows the sun, northbound in the summer and southbound in the winter. It is a high-class luxury expedition ship, spacious enough to comfortably accommodate 114 passengers, yet petite enough to maneuver into the tucked-away harbors and landing sites. You get the best of both worlds!

The vessel has an ice-strengthened hull, a fleet of Zodiacs, and a set of retractable fin stabilizers for smoother sailing. Watch the video for a tour of the accommodations on board.


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