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The Sea Spirit: Small Ship - Big Advantage

Did you know that vessels carrying more than 500 passengers are not permitted to land any passengers in Antarctic waters? Moreover, to minimize human impact, only 100 passengers are allowed to land in Antarctica at any one time. This is where the advantage of a smaller ship becomes unmistakably clear.

Enter the Sea Spirit, a nimble vessel that turns these restrictions into your advantage. The Sea Spirit offers a unique opportunity to reach the most remote corners of Antarctica in style and comfort, far from the crowds, closer to nature. With its smaller size, the Sea Spirit ensures you're not just a spectator but an active participant in an intimate Antarctic adventure.

With a maximum capacity of 114 guests, Poseidon usually operates with just 100 guests off the ship, which can maximize your experience and help us avoid the need for group rotations as seen on larger ships.

In this video, we dive deep into the unique features of the Sea Spirit and why it stands out as the best choice for your Antarctic adventure. From the onboard amenities to the unparalleled access to remote sites and the emphasis on environmental conservation, the Sea Spirit promises an adventure that's not only enriching but responsible.


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