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Kayaking in Antarcica

Our collection of polar videos will give you an inside look into the world of expedition cruising. Embark on a virtual voyage to the remote destinations of the Arctic, Antarctica and the North Pole. It can be difficult to imagine the beauty of the polar regions if you've never seen them with your own eyes. A video tells a story, conveys emotion and captures the beauty of each special moment. Review destination highlights in short recaps and longer clips, watch interviews with scientists and guides, follow slideshows, explore polar tips, and more. Visualize your next adventure with Poseidon Expeditions!

Antarctica closely guards some of the most unique and rewarding kayaking opportunities on the planet. Poseidon Expeditions offers kayaking as an optional activity on our Antarctic cruises.

While the polar regions offer all the pristine wilderness values and incredible wildlife that could be desired of a perfect kayaking adventure, their remoteness and inaccessibility mean that few people have the opportunity to experience the thrill and serenity of kayaking in these amazing places.

Wherever in Antarctica you go kayaking, safety should be a primary concern in these extreme environments. On a cruise with a reputable operator, you can expect paddling groups to be kept together and closely supervised by an expert kayak guide and accompanied at all times by an armed polar bear guard in a dedicated safety Zodiac. Regardless, the unpredictable polar environment requires kayakers to be on their game at all times.

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