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Antarctic cruise highlights

Our collection of polar videos will give you an inside look into the world of expedition cruising. Embark on a virtual voyage to the remote destinations of the Arctic, Antarctica and the North Pole. It can be difficult to imagine the beauty of the polar regions if you've never seen them with your own eyes. A video tells a story, conveys emotion and captures the beauty of each special moment. Review destination highlights in short recaps and longer clips, watch interviews with scientists and guides, follow slideshows, explore polar tips, and more. Visualize your next adventure with Poseidon Expeditions!

Everything you were hoping to see in Antarctica, and more: penguins, whales, the planet's largest icebergs, modern polar research stations and the mysterious seventh continent itself.

Poseidon Expeditions invites travelers to join Antarctic expedition cruises. Using a fleet of Zodiac crafts, we will go for landings on the islands and the Peninsula to observe curious penguins, seals and whales in their natural habitat. For adventurers looking to broaden their horizons, kayaking and camping options are available. Kayak amid majestic glaciers or spend a night under the stars of Antarctica!

Antarctica is a pristine polar world that you have a unique chance to discover.


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