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Onboard management

  • Water Management
  • Expedition cruise ship m/v Sea Spirit

    The wastewater produced on board Sea Spirit is treated using an internationally certified and approved sewage treatment system, which utilizes a chemical chlorination and dechlorination process, producing a clean, safe, effluent suitable for discharging overboard. All sewage sludge is held in sewage holding tanks onboard the ship, for disposal ashore.

    Sea Spirit uses a special reverse osmosis system that converts seawater into freshwater for use with multiple onboard purposes.

  • Energy Management
  • Sea Spirit in Franz Josef Land - expedition cruise

    Sea Spirit has a Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan compliant with international marine pollution prevention regulations, which is designed to a) improve energy efficiency and fuel management of shipboard operations, b) reduce CO2 emissions from the ship, c) minimize energy waste, d) promote energy efficiency awareness.

    Specifically, this is achieved onboard through various measures such as speed optimization, weather routing, minimization of electrical loads (particularly through the use of low consumption LED lighting), regular hull cleanings, and overall monitoring of the vessels Energy Efficiency Operating Index on a voyage-to-voyage basis.

    Poseidon Expeditions is the only operator in the industry offering direct sailing from Spitsbergen to Franz Josef Land, taking approximate one-and-one-half days each way. Not only does this leave our guests with more time at the destination itself, but it also helps us optimize fuel consumption. The same goes for everywhere else in the Arctic or Antarctica – we always strive to find a balance between finding the shortest route and providing the widest selection of landing sites. By avoiding top speeds, we are able to consume less fuel, thus making fewer emissions as well as providing for safer passage for whales.

  • Waste Management
  • Expedition cruise ship m/v Sea Spirit

    Sea Spirit has a comprehensive Garbage Management Plan compliant with international marine pollution prevention regulations. This plan provides guidance to the Master and crew on board the ship on the procedures for collecting, storing, processing and disposing of garbage, including the use of the equipment on board. To achieve cost-effective and environmentally sound results, we use a combination of complementary techniques to manage garbage, such as a) reduction at the source, b) reuse or recycling, c) onboard processing (treatment), d) discharge to a port reception facility.

    Specifically, there is no incinerator onboard, therefore no garbage or waste of any type is burned. The ship utilizes a grinding machine to reduce waste volumes, all of which is separated onboard by garbage category/type, and then discharged or unloaded ashore per local and international regulations.

    During the 2018/19 Antarctic season, Poseidon Expeditions took part in the SeaGreen Recycling project that was aimed at processing recyclable waste materials from vessels returning to Antarctica. The total gross summary per Sea Spirit equaled to 71 cubic meters of waste, which was later offloaded, compressed and handed in for recycling.

    Waste aboard 50 Years of Victory is treated and stored in a special low-temperature eco-compartment, eliminating any waste discharge into the ocean.

  • Day-to-Day Initiatives
  • Sea Spirit reusable water bottle for expedition cruise passengers

    These initiatives include elimination of all plastic straws and stirrers; elimination of individual butter and jelly portion single-use containers; use of eco-friendly laundry detergents; use of bulk body wash, shampoo and soap dispensers instead of individual plastic bottles; and the dispensation of reusable drinking containers while guests are aboard. Onboard Sea Spirit, chefs adhere to guidelines recommended by the Marine Stewardship Council for sustainability in regards to the types of seafood served.

    We also provide every passenger with a reusable water bottle.

  • Safe Employment Practices & Standards
  • Expedition ship m/v Sea Spirit crew
    The crew of Sea Spirit return year after year for employment because the ship is an excellent place to work. The crew are accommodated in either two- or four-person cabins with private facilities. The ship is regularly checked by International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) inspectors and complies with all aspects of the ILO Maritime Labor Convention (2006) and ITF requirements for crew employment. MLC 2006 is a convention adopted by the International Labor Organization in 2006, that sets standards for, safety, competence, hours of work, manning, social security measures, shipboard conditions of employment and onboard living arrangements. The provisions of the ILO are verified through flag state inspections of crew living quarters, and through crew accommodation inspections.

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