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Awareness onboard

  • Raising awareness
  • Lectures aboard Sea Spirit

    Poseidon Expeditions’ onboard team always includes polar specialists: conservationists, prominent guest scientists, marine biologists, ornithologists, climate specialists, geologists and sea ice experts. In the form of enriching lectures and informative briefings, our experts and expedition leaders candidly discuss the issues facing Arctic and Antarctic ecosystems and what we can all do to help preserve wildlife in these fragile environments.

    We encourage our passengers to get more involved in our environmental initiatives (cleaning up beaches, taking part in Citizen Science projects, etc.). Being able to witness the pristine wilderness of the polar regions, they join as guests but leave as ambassadors for these fragile ecosystems.

  • Protecting nature
  • Passengers looking at Sea Spirit

    During landings and shore excursions, we follow the guidelines established by AECO and IAATO to protect the local flora and fauna, including rigorous bootwashing before and after landings to prevent accidental transmission of biological pathogens between penguin colonies. Similarly, our guests thoroughly vacuum their outwear and backpacks to eliminate any possibility of transporting an alien species of seed or other flora. We continuously educate our guests to leave no lasting signs of our visit and advise them on essential safety precautions as well as the proper social and cultural considerations.

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