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Want to See the Next Total Solar Eclipse? This Luxury Cruise Ship May Have the Best View

July, 2019

Solar eclipse in Antarctica polar cruise

Do you want to make sure you don’t miss out on the next total solar eclipse? All you need to do is book a spot aboard a ship that will be in the Scotia Sea on December 4, 2021.

Of course, that may not be the simplest of tasks, but luckily Poseidon Expeditions has already taken care of the hard part for you. The Cyprus-based travel company, which specializes in polar expeditions, just announced a 23-day-long cruise to Antarctica for late 2021 which will give astronomy buffs a chance to view the Sun, Moon and Earth perfectly align in one of the world’s most remote locations alongside eclipse guide, astrophysicist and “Ask a Spaceman!” host Paul Sutter.

“Our goal is to meet the center of the moon’s shadow as it moves swiftly across the Scotia Sea during its rare and brief appearance in Antarctica. This may well bring the ship within sight of the Weddell Sea pack ice, adding a great polar ambiance to this amazing celestial event,” Poseidon Expeditions President Nikolay Saveliev told Cruise Industry News. Read more on robbreport.com

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