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This epic cruise will take you to Antarctica during a full solar eclipse

June, 2019

Solar eclipse in Antarctic cruise 2021

Knocking two things off your bucket list at once is tough. Like meeting the president at the Super Bowl. Or joining the Mile High Club with a celebrity. The confluence of events that are tough to come by alone, nearly impossible together.

Well in 2021, Poseidon Expeditions is giving you the chance to have two once-in-a-lifetime experiences in one fantastic voyage. No, you won’t be learning Mandarin while running with the bulls. But you will be setting foot on Antarctica and witnessing a full solar eclipse in 23 life-changing days. The November 20 Antarctic sailing of the M/v Sea Spirit out of Ushuaia will not only take you to the world’s most remote continent, but it’ll also sail right through the line of totality during the December 4 eclipse.

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