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Sail to the 'Top of the World'

March, 2017

Polar expedition provider Poseidon Expeditions is offering significant early booking savings on three 2018 voyages aboard the only passenger-carrying vessel in the world that can attain 90 degrees north, the point of the geographic North Pole.

Three 13-day adventures depart from Murmansk, Russia in July 2018 aboard the nuclear-powered Russian Federation icebreaker i/b 50 Years of Victory, or 50 ЛET ПОБЕДЫ, which will take guests on their round-trip voyage to the geographic North Pole. The most powerful icebreaker ever built, the ship generates 75,000 horsepower and is capable of smashing through Arctic Ocean ice up to three meters thick.

Sail to the Top of the World - North Pole

The remote wilderness area is home to a variety of iconic High Arctic wildlife, including polar bears and, in the surrounding waters, seals, walrus, and the elusive bowhead whale. The archipelago also hosts an abundance of nesting Arctic seabirds such as the rare ivory gull.

The icescape of the Arctic Ocean provides an intricate and ever-changing world of subjects for both aspiring and experienced artists. Primeval landscapes, intriguing geological features, poignant historical remains, and charismatic Arctic wildlife in Russia’s Franz Josef Land provide a wealth of inspiration for the photographer or painter. An included photography program gives guests the chance to learn and practice photography skills alongside an expert photographer. Read more on www.thetravelpro.us



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