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How to go to Antarctica

If you were wondering how to get to Antarctica, the answer is quite simple! In six easy steps, you can go from googling the destination of your dreams to actually planning your polar adventure. Antarctica is more accessible than you think, ready to welcome you into its pristine icy wilderness. So here is a short guide on traveling to the seventh continent:

1. Choose a cruise company

Regardless of where you live, getting to Antarctica requires quite a journey. The most efficient way to cover this distance is to travel to the southernmost city in the world – Ushuaia – and board an expedition ship. Following IAATO guidelines, large vessels have a significantly lower selection of landing sites available, so it is best to choose a ship with around 100 passengers aboard.

How to go to Antarctica

2. Decide on the dates and itinerary

The cruising season in Antarctica starts in late October and ends in March. During these months, the local wildlife goes through various stages of their breeding cycle, enabling you to see different highlights in each departure: whales, king penguins, elephant seals massive icebergs and glaciers, and many more. Most itineraries include the Antarctic Peninsula, and longer cruises also make stops at South Georgia and the Falkland Islands.

How to go to Antarctica

3. Book plane tickets

Since for most people getting to Antarctica requires long transatlantic flights, it is best to take care of your airfare as soon as you have decided on the dates of the departure. This way, you will be able to save money, or maybe even catch a special discount deal.

How to go to Antarctica

4. Prepare the right gear

Packing for Antarctica only seems daunting – but getting the right clothing and accessories is of utmost importance to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable voyage. Bring many layers of special polar-quality clothing, waterproof pants, rubber boots, and an expedition parka. Some operators include the most important items in the cruise package.

How to go to Antarctica

5. Arrive at the port of embarkation

Let the excitement build up as you arrive at your port of embarkation – and get to see your ship in all its glory for the first time. This vessel will be your home away from home for the duration of the voyage. Explore your spacious suite and get comfortable. Prepare to set sail toward your dreams!

How to go to Antarctica

6. Set sail en route to Antarctica

To get to Antarctica, the ship has to cross the Drake Channel, quite commonly referred to as the Drake Lake or the Drake Shake, notorious for its severe storms. There is no way to predict which one you will get – so pack some extra motion sickness medication and hope for the best. The crossing takes approximately two days. And, finally, you have reached Antarctica!

Poseidon Expeditions offers expedition cruises to the Antarctic Peninsula, the Falkland Islands, the South Shetland Islands, and South Georgia. You can choose from a wide range of our itineraries and dates. What sets our 114-passenger m/v Sea Spirit apart is a generous measure of onboard comfort not usually found on a ship of her size. Travelers are sure to be impressed with spacious suites, thoughtful amenities, and fine cuisine. The open decks provide an ideal platform for admiring mirror-calm waters, snowy mountains, and luminous icebergs.

The ship’s fleet is complete with Zodiac landing crafts to shuttle guests ashore on rocky beaches or cruise among tidewater glaciers in the secluded bays. Day-to-day activities include excursions and landings, hiking suitable for all levels of fitness, and educational enrichment onboard. With Poseidon Expeditions, traveling to Antarctica is no longer a distant dream but becomes a reality.

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