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East Greenland in One Minute

7 December, 2022

Vast, unspoiled, virtually uninhabited – East Greenland’s Scoresby Sund is an Arctic wilderness of transcendent quality. Expedition cruising is your ticket into the world’s largest and most beautiful fjord system.

Long, narrow channels, strewn with cathedral-like icebergs and flanked by sheer rock walls, reach deep into the glaciated heart of Greenland. Those who appreciate huge expanses of untouched wilderness will love it here. The tundra landscape of Scoresby Sund is home to wildlife such as musk oxen and Arctic hare. Throughout the region, we also find ancient Thule archeological sites and historical trappers’ huts.

At the modern Inuit village of Ittoqqortoormiit we have the chance to visit a museum and witness the antics of Greenlandic sled dogs. Watch this video to get a general idea of the wonders that East Greenland may offer, or join our expedition cruises to experience this all for yourself!


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