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Arctic Cruise with Robert Calcagno - Faces of the Polar World

7 December, 2022

The concepts of sustainable travel and lifestyle are becoming more and more relevant to our everyday choices. What small things can we change to help worldwide conservation? Which operator do we travel with to not harm the destination?

Exploring the polar regions aboard small ships provides societally conscious travelers the opportunity to experience first-hand the issues facing wildlife conservation, environmental and sea ice degradation, etc., and to go home and share this with friends and family.

With the help of multiple Citizen Science Projects, Cleanup programs and donations, each passenger aboard our ships can make a contribution towards conserving the polar regions. While Poseidon Expeditions takes pride in educating our guests, we do our best to set the right example ourselves and focus on our day-to-day actions as well.

In this installment of the 'Faces of the Polar World' series, we interviewed Robert Calcagno, CEO of the Oceanographic Institute Foundation Albert I, Prince of Monaco. He shares his views on sustainable polar travel and tips on how to adjust our lifestyles to be more conscious of conservation.

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