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Antarctic Wildlife Webinar with Anja Erdmann-Rutten 24 July 2020

8 December, 2022

Antarctic region is a pristine polar wilderness featuring abundant wildlife.
Watch our webinar devoted to Antarctic animals and become an Antarctic wildlife expert! Our experienced and knowledgeable expedition leader with 20 years of polar experience Anja Erdmann-Rutten shares with you the most amazing facts about penguins, seals, whales and albatrosses.⁣

The Antarctic tourism season runs from October to March, and each month has its own features. Our goal is to match you with the cruise that best meets your trip requirements and expectations and to give you an advice on the best time to go to see the wildlife of Antarctica.⁣

⁣This is a recording of the webinar from July 24, 2020. Enjoy watching!⁣

1:00 ... Kate and Anja make introductions.
3:11 ... Kate talks about polar cruises with Poseidon Expeditions.
5:16 ... Anja presents her experience in polar regions.
7:33 ... A general overview of Antarctica.
9:40 ... Icebergs&Glaciers in Antarctica.
12:00 ... How to pick up pictures to show to your friends after your cruise.
12:30 ... Abundance of wildlife in Antarctica.
14:13 ... Places of history of polar Expeditions in Antarctica.
16:00 ... What types of penguins are found in Antarctica?
17:00 ... Interesting facts about Gentoo penguins.
19:50 ... Chinstrap penguins - mountain climbers, choosing to nest in ice-free areas.
22:43 ... Penguins catastrophe: molting.
23:40 ... Adelie penguin: "the true Antarctic penguin".
27:54 ... The most numerous colonies of penguins in Antarctica.
29:30 ... Interesting patterns of penguin’s behaviour.
35:00 ... The best time to see penguin’s chicks.
37:30 ... Any change in penguin lifestyle in the last two decades?
39:35 ... Seals of Antarctica.
40:40 ... Weddell Seal: the largest and the cutest "smiling" seal.
42:76 ... Do you know that Crabeater Seal does not eat crabs?
44:20 ... What does Leopard Seal prefer to eat: penguins or krill?
46:20 ... The biggest "point" of Antarctica: whales.
48:15 ... Fast swimmer - Minke Whale.
49:05 ... Humpback Whale & its unique fingerprint.
51:05 ... Orca whale with its misleading name “Killer”.
53:30 ... Several words about "sad whaling history” and about 300 people who could cut 30 whales during 24 hours.
57:00 ... Combination of Antarctica and South Georgia: the perfect mixture for nature lovers.
58:00 ... Wandering Albatross of South Georgia who cares of souls of dead sailers.
1:01:00 ... King Pengins - you could observe them for hours and hours without getting bored.
1:06:00 ... Rockhopper ans Macaroni Penguins.
1:10:45 ... Elephant Seals: beachmasters with their harems.
1:15:20 ... Fur Seals.
1:18:00 ... Behavior code for polar regions: social distancing in Antarctica.
1:23:00... Questions&Answers.
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