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Antarctic Expedition – Aerial View

7 December, 2022

Seeing Antarctica for the first time can be life-changing. An expedition cruise is a chance for many travelers to check seven out of seven continents off their bucket list, see whales and penguins in their natural habitat, and experience landscapes and scenery beyond belief.

Having evolved without terrestrial predators, Antarctic animals such as penguins and seals do not spook easily when on land or on ice floes. At sea, we encounter numerous seabirds and whales. Zodiac cruises make for intimate encounters with wildlife while keeping our distance and not interrupting their everyday life. During landings and cruises ashore, our expedition team continuously educates guests on how to approach animals and protect nature.

For photographers, the Antarctic Peninsula offers a wealth of inspiration and ranging subjects and backdrops. Visitors are generally not allowed to film using drones, so this video by Stephen Gollan offers a rare view of Antarctica from the sky.


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