A few words about polar cruises

As the travelers board the M/V Sea Explorer in the port of Ushuaia, they are greeted by Jan Bryde, the Expedition Leader. Passengers at this very moment usually realize how much effort is hidden behind this all, how many people are involved in actually making the cruise to the Antarctic Peninsula happen. The expedition cruise itself is the result of continuous work and efforts of many different people who even work in different companies. Air tickets, accommodation, fuel, catering, maintenance of the expedition vessel and Zodiacs, hiring of staff, production of parkas, as well as endless paperwork and various formalities all make the vessel's operation possible. Sailing on different itineraries in Antarctica involves many, many permits and permissions.

Let us briefly go through all the stages that precede the day of embarkation and sailing.

First of all, the choice of vessel for expedition cruises to Antarctica requires special expertise and careful studies. In short, we are looking for an ice-class ship with passenger capacity about 100-110 travellers that would be maneuverable and capable of navigating narrow harbors and entering small bays. The parameters of the vessel should also answer all the requirements of navigation in Antarctica. The passenger capacity should not be large, otherwise it will be hard to manage the Zodiac landings. Of course, the vessel should possess a fleet of Zodiacs to offer cruising and landings. The Zodiacs take only 10 to 12 passengers, and the number of passengers allowed ashore during landings is limited by the Antarctic Environmental Protection Act.

The travel philosophy of Poseidon Expedition is centered around one concept: adventures in the state of comfort. We provide active adventure options along with comfort and luxury. The atmosphere during the cruise is the main concern of the Expedition Leader and his team. Thus, the coordinated work of the Expedition Team is highly important. The task of the leader is to make the onboard operation productive and efficient. Each member of the team plays a vital part in the operations. Hotel manager, Zodiac drivers, various lecturers all serve one purpose, making the voyage unforgettable for passengers.

It took us 12 years to find a perfect combination of Expedition Team members. We know all about teamwork and good spirit and we are ready to share it during each voyage. It is true that no cruise repeats another one. Our work is to maintain the spirit of a true adventure throughout the trip and this is where our team gets its inspiration. This is the message to every traveler who has ever been to remote regions of our planet or to anyone who is going to join an expedition cruise to Antarctica. The trip to remote polar regions is a miracle that happens only when the efforts of many people are brought together and serve this one goal. The Poseidon Expedition team is working on this miracle before the voyage, and the Vessel Crew and Expedition Team work to show the passengers the pristine beauty of the Antarctic Peninsula, Falkland Islands and South Georgia during the voyage. They are ready to welcome you too.