Travel with us to the geographic NORTH POLE!

Conquer the top of the world aboard the most powerful icebreaker ever built

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Why North Pole
Imagine reaching this storied spot on the globe aboard the most modern nuclear-powered icebreaker in the
world. What an amazing experience. Go where few have gone aboard the 50 Years of Victory – or just "the Victory”
as it is called by Poseidon Expeditions.
The largest icebreaker
The largest icebreaker
The largest icebreaker
The Russian name of the vessel 50 Let Pobedy means 50 Years of Victory. Powered by two nuclear reactors generating 75,000 horsepower and capable of crushing a clear path through multi-year ice up to three meters thick, she is the largest and most powerful icebreaker ever built.
Top of the world
Top of the world
We carefully navigate the icebreaker to precisely 90 degrees north for our champagne toast of this momentous accomplishment. We ceremoniously drop the anchor on a sturdy stretch of ice and disembark onto the frozen sea. You are now able to stand at the top of the world.
Top of the world
Franz Josef Land archipelago
Franz Josef Land archipelago
Franz Josef Land archipelago
This remote wilderness is home to a variety of iconic High Arctic wildlife, including polar bears. In the surrounding icy waters it is possible to spot seals, walrus, and the elusive bowhead whale. The archipelago also hosts an abundance of nesting Arctic seabirds such as the rare ivory gull.
North Pole FAQ’s
  • Will I be able to stand on The North Pole?
    • Yes! After carefully navigating to 90 degrees North, we ceremoniously drop the anchor on a sturdy stretch of ice and disembark onto the frozen sea. Join hands with your fellow passengers and literally walk around the world during our special International Round Dance. You are also treated to a barbeque meal on the ice. You may even have the chance to take a plunge into the icy water!
  • How long is the North Pole Expedition?
    • This particular expedition takes 13 days. During that time we will visit Murmansk, The North Pole, Franz Josef Land, The High Arctic Archipelago all while cruising along the Barents Sea.
  • Is The North Pole a landmass?
    • The North Pole is in fact NOT a landmass. Instead it is a giant mass of ice.
  • Is there wildlife in The North Pole?
    • There is no wildlife in The North Pole. However, you will have plenty of opportunities to experience wildlife as we make our journey to the top of the world at the various destinations we visit along the way. One of those opportunities will be in Franz Josef Land which is a nature sanctuary where wildlife roams free.
  • Where does The North Pole cruise embark from?
    • Our journey begins in the city of Murmansk on Russia’s Kola Peninsula. Upon your arrival at the airport we provide a transfer to your hotel, which has been arranged by us and is included in the price of the voyage.
  • Does every North Pole cruise come with a helicopter ride?
    • Yes! We take advantage of 24-hour daylight to offer helicopter flightseeing tours. From the air you can observe the ship crushing a path through the ice. You also have a unique vantage point from which to witness the stunning beauty of this vast polar icescape. Soar along the Arctic sky and take in the remarkable beauty of this landscape.
  • Is there a photography class available?
    • The Polar Regions are among the most photogenic places on Earth. This expedition will provide countless photo opportunities to capture this stunning landscape. We offer you the chance to learn and practice your photography skills alongside a professional photographer. Through in-depth lectures and workshops you will learn how to best capture these once in a lifetime memories. You will be taught new techniques and improve your photography skill set. Our photographer will also be available to answer questions and give expert advice no matter what kind of equipment and experience you have. This is included on all voyages at no additional cost.
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