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Why Antarctica?
There’s no place in the world like Antarctica, and that’s what makes an expedition to the southernmost reaches of the globe such
an unforgettable experience. Poseidon Expeditions is an expert on transportation of travelers. Towering glaciers, blue icebergs,
penguin colonies and whales are just a few of the marvels to experience on a visit to the White Continent.
Antarctic wildlife viewing
Antarctic wildlife viewing
Antarctic wildlife viewing
Penguins and other seabirds about in Antarctica’s nutrient-rich seas. At the Antarctic Peninsula or South Georgia, you can go ashore at sites where chinstrap, gentoo, Adélie and king penguins come together to nest in boisterous colonies. Meeting with a curious penguin is an unforgettable experience.

Antarctica Camping
Antarctica Camping
Antarctic camping is a unique and memorable way to expand your experience on the White Continent. This optional activity allows you to meet Antarctica on its own terms by spending a night out on the ice and snow.
Antarctica Camping
Dramatic polar scenery
Dramatic polar scenery
Dramatic polar scenery
The scenery in Antarctica is the most unique in the world. Tall, rugged, gleaming white mountains — covered on all but their sheerest faces by innumerable glaciers and permanent snow — rise from deep blue waters to form idyllic bays and scenic passages such as the famous Lemaire Channel.
Antarctica FAQ
  • Do I need a visa for the cruise to the Falkland Islands and South Georgia?
    • Cruise ship passengers do not need a visa to visit the Falkland Islands and participate in shore excursions. If you are flying into Port Stanley to board a Falkland Islands Antarctica Cruise, or if you are planning to spend additional time in the Falkland Islands before or after your cruise, you may need a visa. Visas are not required of citizens of Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, the European Union, Canada, USA and South Africa. Citizens of other countries are advised to contact their nearest British Embassy or Consulate to check visa requirements for the Falkland Islands.
  • Can I fly drones in Antarctica?
    • No. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones have the potential to cause more than a minor or transitory impact, particularly in wildlife rich coastal regions of Antarctica such as the Peninsula or Ross Sea areas. Their use could also detract other visitors’ wilderness experience. The International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators, or IAATO — of which Poseidon is a member — does not permit recreational use of UAVs or drones in coastal areas of the Antarctic; commercial and scientific use requires a permit. For this reason, Poseidon Expeditions will not allow the recreational use of UAVs or drones by its guests in Antarctica.
  • Do you have any advice on ensuring a best possible encounter with penguins?
    • Yes, there is good advice for making sure you have a perfect penguin encounter.

      Penguins are curious. Pick a spot no closer than 5 meters from the penguins. Sit or kneel — making yourself smaller and less threatening. Wait quietly, with your camera ready — they will be much more open to coming over to you than vice versa. Otherwise, you would scare them away.
  • Do you offer camping in Antarctica?
    • Yes! Antarctica Camping is an optional activity offered on Sea Spirit voyages to the Antarctica Peninsula and must be booked in advance. Participants must be at least 18 years old. Good health and a spirit of adventure are also important qualifications. Space is limited to 30 campers per voyage, so book your camping adventure today!

      To know more about camping activity
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