Live broadcast: Cruise to Antarctica (13.02-24.02.2015). Day 1


February 13th, 2015

Our Antarctic expedition begins in Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost town on the planet. We head directly from the airport to the luxury hotel, Arakur Ushuaia Resort & Spa, which is situated 250 meters above sea level. The property overlooks the bustling, waterside town and Beagle Channel with spectacular views.

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Three Most Popular Tourist Routes in Antarctica


This continent is so different from anywhere else in the world that it is very difficult to find three particular must-see places there. However, if you set your mind to join an expedition cruise to the Antarctic Peninsula, we would recommend that your trip includes these three places, weather permitting, of course!

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“Happy” Lip Dub on the North Pole


Poseidon Expeditions team performing a lip dub to Pharrell William’s “Happy” during the final North Pole cruise in the season of 2014. The cruise took place aboard “50 Years of Victory” – the most powerful icebreaker in the world.

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2014 North Pole Season completed!

Thoughts on the 2014 North Pole Season

At Poseidon Expeditions, we’re taking a moment to celebrate. We just concluded another successful season of three icebreaker cruises to 90° North, the geographic North Pole. The hours of work by office and shipboard staff paid off, and our big reward has been the smiles and memories that we’ve been able to provide to more than 300 passengers who trusted us to give them an adventure of a lifetime.


But we’ll only take a moment, because preparations begin immediately for summer 2015—the final season for the foreseeable future in which travelers can access the North Pole aboard the nuclear-powered icebreaker 50 Years of Victory. This isn’t another imminent doom sales pitch, because we wish we could continue to charter this awesome vessel for North Pole expeditions well into the future.

Unfortunately for tourism operators like Poseidon, the ship will be deployed year-round assisting commercial cargo and trade vessels navigate the icy waters of the Northeast Passage. No point in looking at competitive websites; there simply aren’t any other icebreakers available that are capable of such a feat. (We would know about it…)

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On the 20th of July we have reached the North Pole for the first time in this season!

Group-Photo-at-North-Pole-e1405954865358 (1)

Dear all,

This is to announce, that “50 Let Pobedy” made it to the geographic Northpole on July 20th 2014 at 04:37 AM Moscow time, 02:47 AM passenger time (MEZ).

121 passengers from 24 countries celebrated happy and excited the arrival on the bow with Champagne and music.

Our position was: 90.00.000 N / 138.57.000 E.

Only one hour later, we parked the vessel in good iceconditions at 89.58.558 E.

Now, at 7:15 AM all is ready and prepared to welcome passengers after breakfast onto the ice and into the circle for our Northpole Celebration.

The weather is partly overcast with patches of sunshine.

Best regards from the Top of the World!

Jan Bryde
Expedition Leader

Value of IAATO Ship Scheduler

For polar expedition ship operators and their passengers, the busiest time of the year for cruises to Antarctica is November to March. This is the Austral Summer after all, when weather conditions are favorable and the majority of expedition voyages depart Ushuaia, Argentina for the Antarctic Peninsula.

But on a certain Wednesday in late June or early July of each year, the companies that operate Antarctica cruises are working very hard and very quickly. That’s the day, agreed in advance, when all of the expedition ship operators input their upcoming season’s itineraries into the IAATO Ship Scheduler.

For those of you not familiar with IAATO—the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators—it is a tourism industry organization that advocates safe and environmentally responsible travel to the Antarctic. If you’re planning or perhaps already booked on a trip to the White Continent, you’ll find the IAATO website loaded with valuable information. Poseidon Expeditions is proud to be a member of IAATO.

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