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Will I be able to take photos from the kayak?

Sea kayaking will give you a unique perspective from which to capture incredible photos of polar scenery and wildlife. You will be provided with a small waterproof dry bag so you can take your compact digital camera with you kayaking. Large SLR cameras are cumbersome to carry and difficult to keep dry inside a kayak, and are therefore not recommended for use while kayaking. If you have a small waterproof camera, consider bringing a pole attachment that allows you to operate your camera underwater while keeping your hands dry.

You will have many chances to take photos from your kayak, but please keep in mind that the best use of your camera will be to record the adventure and to capture magnificent moments as they come. There will be plenty of time to organize professional photo opportunities during your voyage while on the ship, on shore or on a Zodiac cruise.

Taking photos while kayaking


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Photography Sea Kayak Club

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Photography Sea Kayak Club

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