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How much previous kayaking experience do I need?

All participants are expected to come with at least some relevant kayaking experience. By “relevant” we do not necessarily mean experience kayaking on the sea. Rather we simply mean experience in a sea kayak, even if it was in fresh water. A “sea kayak” is a sit-inside kayak where you wear a spray skirt to prevent water from entering your cockpit - as opposed to a “sit-on-top” kayak or canoe. You do not necessarily need to have experience on coastal waters or in rough conditions. We simply expect you to be familiar and confident with paddling a sea kayak. If you feel safe and confident in a sea kayak, and you genuinely enjoy paddling for its own sake, then you are ready for Sea Kayak Club. Even still, it cannot hurt to get more experience. The more skill and experience you have, the more you will get out of your adventure with us.

We recommend, regardless of your previous experience, that you refresh and improve your skills by taking sea kayaking lessons appropriate to your level. Practice basic paddle strokes and make sure you can perform an emergency “wet exit” if the need arises. Learning self-rescue techniques will boost your confidence, but we do not require you to have these skills. You do not need to know how to perform a roll.

How much experience do you need for kayaking


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