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Chantel Loura //

Antarctic cruise with Andrew Wenzel, Whale Researcher, Faces of the Polar World

There are few wildlife experiences as exhilarating as an encounter with a whale. Now add the beauty of the pristine polar environment and you have something truly amazing. In an expedition cruise to the Arctic or Antarctica, you can observe whales from the ship or small Zodiac boats, or even from a kayak. Seeing these gigantic yet gentle and playful creatures in action will be the highlight of any polar trip.

On our expedition to Antarctica, we were lucky to have Andrew Wenzel on board. He is a nature guide, photographer and whale researcher glad to share his knowledge about these magnificent creatures. He talks about blue whales being as old as dinosaurs, killer whales remaining the smartest predators in the world and the mystery of narwhals. Watch the video to find out what it’s like to have a handshake with a beluga whale and learn about the small things you can do today to reduce the growing threat to cetaceans.

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