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Chantel Loura //

A Memorable Expedition to the North Pole

Each year, Poseidon Expeditions takes the legendary icebreaker “50 Years of Victory” on a polar expedition cruise to the North Pole. This iconic Arctic destination can be considered an ultimate polar achievement. You will literally be standing at the top of the world!

En route to the North Pole, the ship will be crossing the Barents Sea. We seize the continuous daylight and arrange helicopter sightseeing tours, soaring above the rugged landscape and admiring the impressive ice-breaking abilities of our vessel. The spoon-shaped bow of the «Victory» makes her capable to force her way through 3 meters thick ice fields: a must-see attraction. Once we enter the pack ice area, polar bear sightings might occur. But nothing can quite measure up to the long-anticipated attainment of the 90 degrees North!

On each polar cruise with Poseidon Expeditions, our expert crew is joined by guest lecturers, field specialists and prominent scientists. On this North Pole voyage, we were lucky to have Don Perovich on board. He is an internationally recognized Arctic sea ice expert, recently retired from the U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering lab. He shares his enthusiasm and knowledge about Arctic ice. The best way to study or discover the polar regions is to actually be here!

On his expedition, he discusses the importance of visiting the Arctic regions. In order to promote conservation, guests are able to see this breathtaking area for themselves and bring their efforts to keep this area pristine back home. They join us as guests but leave as ambassadors for the polar regions. Learn more about our Arctic cruises and see this area for yourself here.

Our “Faces of the Polar World” video series, features personal stories from scientists, historians, guides and explorers of the polar regions. The next story could be yours.

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