Rainer Ullrich - Artist in Residence

Rainer Ullrich

Rainer Ullrich was born in Flensburg / Germany. Besides of his passion for painting, he is a printer and Graphics expert by profession in Hamburg. On a painting expedition he crossed the Sahara- Desert to Nigeria in 1969. 1981 he painted and drawed on sailing trips through Scandinavian waters and founded his present company «art & work». He worked on various large format acryllic painting projects with the theme «water» in Berlin, Hamburg, Gelsenkirchen and Flensburg. Rainer Ullrich developed his passion for the expedition painting 2002 during his legendary crossing of the North East passage together with Arved Fuchs, followed by an Amazon expedition in 2004. Both expedition resulted with successful book print releases.

2005 he joined a Balloon expedition over Portugal with Franz Taucher and 2006 an expedition to Greenland with Arved Fuchs. His wonderful books are insider bestsellers in the expedition industry.

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