Jonathan Zaccaria - Expedition Leader

Jonathan Zaccaria

Jonathanmade his first experience in Antarctica as a young research engineer at the ageof 24 years old at the coastal French Dumont d’Urville station located on thewindiest place on Earth (regularly around 200km/h, maximum up to 320 km/h).This place, bounded by sea ice 8 months a year, is the closest station to anEmperor Colony, worldwide advertised by the documentary movie «The Marchof the Penguin». There, he was making measurement of the ozone Layer andUV rate. A few years later, he made a second overwinter in the onlyinternational station in the Antarctic, located on the coldest area of theplanet, the high Antarctic plateau. Jonathan spent at Concordia station also 14months, among 9,5 months cut off from the rest of the world with 11 other fellowcompanions, where the outside temperature varies between maximum −25°C insummer and minimum −84°C in winter. At this place, also called «themoon», he was radio operator, responsible for telecommunications andgeophysics instrumentation. Later on he started working from time to time onpolar cruise ships in Antarctica and in the arctic as logistician, Zodiacdriver and photographer. Now this is his full-time activity. His passion isfilmmaking. Jonathan did a documentary for the French television and he ispreparing one for the cinema.