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Ida Olsson - Kayak Master

Ida Olsson

Ida was born 1984 in Sweden and studied to become a high school teacher in physical education and history. During her time in school she worked as a whitewater rafting guide. After a time as a working teacher she began to work fulltime as a guide. She has been working as a wilderness and adventure guide in the most north part of Sweden. She has been driving snowmobile in all different environments and talked about northern lights. During summer time she has also been out with guests who wants to drive off-road in the Swedish forest on an endure bike. At the moment she lives in Longyearbyen on Svalbard and guide people on kayak, snowmobile, hiking and boat trips. With 10 years of guiding she`s never happier than when she experience and discover the nature and give the guests the experience that will give them an adventure of a lifetime with unforgettable memories.

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