Ian Jansma - kayak master

Ian Jansma

The spirit of exploration and adventure came early to Ian during his childhood in rural Vermont. After earning a Philosophy degree from Bard College in upstate New York, he moved to Kodiak Island, Alaska. There, amidst unspoiled wilderness and surrounded by legendary seas, Ian found his calling as an outdoor adventure guide, naturalist, and seafarer.

Still eschewing the conventional path and embracing an itinerant lifestyle, Ian’s career in the fields of sea kayak guiding, expedition cruising, and conservation research has taken him to some of the world’s wildest and most remote locations. Whether upon the waves of the tropical South Pacific or under the aurora-filled skies of Greenland, Ian feels at home wherever Nature is still in control.

In between guiding seasons and research expeditions Ian can be found traveling the world in search of adventure and perspective. Wherever he goes, Ian finds joy in sharing his knowledge and experience with fellow travelers and nature lovers.

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